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Problems with Food


Try answering these questions. If you answer yes you may have an eating problem

  • Do you tend to eat less or more than other people?
  • Do you have an intense interest in food and want to cook for others?
  • Are you always counting calories?
  • Are you dissatisfied with the shape of your body?
  • Do you like to eat alone?
  • Do you like to do a lot of exercise, more then your friends?
  • Do you try to hide weight loss by wearing baggy clothes?
  • If you are female, have your periods stopped or never started?
  • Are you a compulsive eater?

What happens with an eating disorder?

Your body needs energy all the time and gets this from the food you eat. When you start to diet and loose weight, your body takes energy from the fat stored in your body. When this runs out the body has to find energy from other parts of your body. Therefore, when you lose too much weight, you may experience weakness in muscles, loss of head hair, increase in body hair, dry skin, chilblains and constipation. You may sleep badly, feel irritable and find it difficult to make decisions or concentrate.

These are all the results of starvation and will disappear when you eat more.

There are also long term physical effects of Starving, Bingeing and Vomiting.

  • If you are female you may have trouble getting pregnant.
  • Your bones may become fragile and break easily (osteoporosis).
  • If you vomit the acids from your stomach may erode the enamel on your teeth, ulcers may develop in your stomach and your salivary glands may swell up like mumps.
  • If you vomit or use laxatives you may damage your digestive system or bowel.
  • If you haven't finished growing your growth may be stunted.

What can I do?

Counselling can help and details of how to make an appointment are given overleaf. Within the team there are counsellors who are experienced at working with this difficulty; please indicate when making an appointment if you wish to work with this particular issue.

Useful Links

  • Mind-information on eating problems
  • Beat-a charity supporting people with eating disorders
  • MGEDT-support for men with eating disorders