People and Organisational Development

Mental Hlth: Crises/Difficult Situations

Prerequisite: None.

Target audience: All members of staff.

Aims: The majority of people who experience significant difficulties with their mental health will manage their conditions, day by day, in a way which has little impact on others around them in the University community. Occasionally however, people can experience times when their mental health issues become more apparent to others, and can cause distress to the wider University community.

This session will focus on the following:

- Dealing with people expressing suicidal thoughts;

- Self-harming behaviours;

- Involving other Agencies;

- The legal position

- Dealing with a mental health crisis on Campus;

- Confidentiality.

Session duration: 1.5 hours.

Disclaimer: If the number of applications for an event is low, the tutor(s) may modify the course content and timings accordingly. On occasions where it is not viable to run with low numbers, the course may be either postponed or cancelled.

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