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Minute Taking Essentials

Prerequisite: Commitment to attend the full day of training. Partial attendances will not be recorded on training records and may invoke a late cancellation / non-attendance charge.

Target audience: Any members of staff who are new to minute-taking, or who want to improve their confidence and skills in taking minutes. NB this course is not suitable for more experienced minute-takers, unless attended as a 'refresher'.

Minute taking requires skill and the Minute Taker provides a crucial role in ensuring that meetings are productive.This workshop will help you to develop your confidence in taking minutes and give you opportunities to practice some of the skills learnt.

The workshop will cover:

- the minute taking role and both formal UoB committee level and informal meeting requirements;

- how to service a meeting effectively, including producing a structured agenda;

- taking effective notes for formal and informal meetings;

- different styles of minutes.

Session duration: 7 hours.

If you book a place and are no longer able to attend, please cancel your place as soon as possible. Cancellations should normally be made at least 5 working days prior to the event or the Late Cancellation and Non-Attendance process will be applied - i.e. your line manager will be advised of your non-attendance and a minimum fee of £75 per day, or part day, may be charged to your Department, unless a nominated colleague attends in your place.

Disclaimer: if the number of applications for an event is low, the course content and timings may be modified accordingly. On occasions where it is not viable to run with low numbers, the course may be either postponed or cancelled.

If there are no dates displayed for this course, and you wish to register your interest for future dates, please complete and submit a Training Request form via HR ServiceNow (link opens in new window).

Note: for the 'Request Type' please select Individual training request from the drop-down box.

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