Booking and cancellation procedures

Internal events

  1. View the available events. Clicking on the links under the Courses by Theme heading on the left will produce a list of the events, with links to the appropriate booking forms.
  2. After obtaining your line manager's permission to attend, complete the online booking form for your chosen course.
  3. Please add the date(s) and time(s) of each course you book into your diary.
  4. Arrive promptly to attend the course. Please give the relevant training provider plenty of notice if you are no longer able to attend (see Cancellations section ).

External events

If you wish to attend an external training event, this will need to be agreed by your line manager and funded by the School or Planning unit where you work.


Please remember that when you apply for an event, you are making a commitment to attend.

Each event requires weeks of preparation, involving time and money. Failure to let us know in advance that you won’t be attending a course leads to a waste of resources in terms of documentation, equipment, and catering. It can also be a lost opportunity for anyone on a waiting list to use your place.

However we understand that there may be occasions when, due to workload, or other demands, you may be unable to attend. If this should happen, please inform the appropriate training provider as soon as you can (at least one week in advance, if possible).

If your non-attendance is due to bereavement, illness, or other unforeseen circumstance, and you are unable to contact the training provider before the event, please do so upon your return to work.

Informing us of your cancellation with due notice will reduce costs, enable us to fine-tune the organisation and, as mentioned previously, may give someone else an opportunity to attend in your place.

Charges for late cancellations and / or non-attendance

  1. A Late Cancellation and Non Attendance Policy has been in place since September 2010. This policy includes provision for re-charging departments whose staff fail to provide adequate notice, or any notice, of their non-attendance at certain courses. There will usually be a minimum charge of £50 per day, or part day, for late cancellation or non-attendance at any courses which fall within the remit of this policy. However the charge may be higher for events which are more expensive to run, such as those which are delivered by external trainers and / or at a venue away from the main campus. In these cases the charge will reflect the actual cost of the place at the event, taking into account the trainer's fees and other extra expenses. The decision whether or not to levy a charge will be at the discretion of the relevant training provider but, if a charge is applicable, this information will be included in the course description, and will be repeated in the joining instructions when course confirmations are sent out.
  2. Health and Safety Services may also charge a cancellation fee for some training courses which involve payment to external organisations (eg First Aid courses).

Members of staff will be made aware from the outset of any courses which incur cancellation charges.

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