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FREE training

Back in Eating Disorders Awareness Week (Feb 2018) I launched this new FREE training in male eating disorders.

I'm delighted and proud to say that MGEDT, as the leading male eating disorders charity, is supporting me. They also offer training - see if there are any workshops running in your area already.

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I am the scientific advisor for the film collaboration between BBC Tomorrow's World and the Wellcome Trust.



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If you need any of the information on this website in an alternative format please About Me and I will be happy to respond to your request.


FREE Male Eating Disorders Training

 This training is NEW for #EDAW2018.



  • The training covers key elements of the male experience. This includes:
  • Myths and realities about prevalence
  • The ‘main’ EDs and the importance of OSFED, BED & Muscle Dysmorphia - all important when it comes to males
  • What men themselves tell us (stories taken from my research) & study of actual cases
  • Q&A opportunity with an experiencer of disordered eating who has been through the system (that's me!)
  • The male body: learning what masculinities work can teach us about conformity & resistance
  • Pro-ED movements and men’s increasing participation
  • Recovery and the current evidence for what's effective.



I'm offering a 2 hour interactive session. There is plenty of time built in for discussion and Q&A. I need a minimal set-up - some group space and I'll use some visual aids, so a screen/projector will be used. 

PLEASE NOTE: Bookings will be taken on a first-come-first-served basis. I may not be able to fulfil all requests for training dependent upon demand - I'm only one person with a heavy timetable already - but if I can help, I will!



I have no specific target audience at this point in launch week - the idea is that you would About Me so that we could discuss what you need and why the training would be beneficial. I'm aiming to reach as many people as possible.


Completely free?

Not forever, but yes, there is no actual fee for the training, materials or my time. The only thing I'll ask you to contribute are my expenses of getting to you to deliver the session. 


Is it accredited for CPD or affiliated?

No. This is non-accredited training with no formally recognised affiliation. However, I do have MGEDT's support and endorsement.