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Postgraduates who teach

Key information

Your faculty is responsible for recruiting and selecting postgraduates who teach. There are two types of contract:

  • Demonstrator:
    To actively assist, support and advise students on their work in classrooms or laboratories, as directed by the person to whom you are responsible.
  • Teaching Assistant:
    To contribute to academic programmes in the form of individual lectures and to undertake related assessments, under the overall charge of a member of academic staff.

Your initial development will vary depending upon your contract, previous experience or involvement in marking/assessment/feedback. Your programme/module leader or supervisor will help you to plan your development.

Induction to Teaching

Essential for all Demonstrators, Teaching Assistants and any others who actively assist, support and advise students on their work in classrooms or laboratories, or give lectures:

  • Induction to Teaching;
    A half-day development session that considers the Higher Education context, both nationally and locally, and explores levels and learning outcomes.
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All those who are contracted to teach are required to complete:

Starting to teach

Essential if you are new to actively assisting, supporting and advising students in a classroom or laboratory setting, or are moving from a Demonstrator contract to a Teaching Assistant contract:

  • Starting to Teach in Higher Education;
    A half-day development session that will help you to identify techniques you can employ to build confidence and enhance student engagement.
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Marking / assessment / feedback

Essential for Demonstrators, Teaching Assistants and any others involved in marking / assessment / feedback:

  • Marking/Assessment and Feedback;
    A half-day development session providing an overview of the Bradford context and practical tips.
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Module LEDT412L Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (GTAs and P/T Tutors)

Essential for Teaching Assistants who meet the admissions criteria:

Other information / development opportunities