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Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Awards 2016

Congratulations to colleagues who have received Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Awards this year. The awards scheme recognises and rewards colleagues who demonstrate excellence in teaching and/or learning support at the University of Bradford.

Three awards have been made. These are celebrated at the annual Learning, Teaching and Research Conference and formally presented at summer award ceremonies.

Dr Louise Comerford-Boyes

Lecturer in Psychology and Associate Dean Learning & Teaching, Faculty of Social Sciences.
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Awarded for:

  • Sustained contribution to pedagogic research that has influenced teaching practice institutionally and across the sector, and has enhanced the student learning experience.
  • Engendering an ethos of students as researchers and building communities of student researcher interns.
  • Significant contribution to national projects and publications.

Dr Fiona Macaulay

Senior Lecturer in Development Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences.
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Awarded for:

  • An innovative, immersive and transformational approach for introducing and enabling students to question and explore concepts of gender.
  • Clear evidence of developing and influencing the practice of others and enhancing student employability skills by developing students as facilitators.

Dr Mahasin Saleh

Lecturer in Social Work, Faculty of Social Sciences.

Awarded for:

  • An innovative educational intervention that is important for influencing professional practice on a national level.
  • A powerful case study that demonstrates commitment to supporting students with learner support profiles by utilising a more inclusive teaching approach that has had a positive impact on student learning.
  • Influencing and developing the practice of others at a national level.