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New Modules: Checklist 2013-14

Preparing your Blackboard module - checklist

Before you make your module available to students please check the following:


  • All resources in Blackboard should be accessible, for example Word documents should use styles to aid screen readers.


  • TurnitinUK assignment links appear to have copied across from previous modules but do not work.
  • Please delete the links and create a new ones.

assignment Blackboard Assignments:

iconQuestionmark Perception links:

  • Old Questionmark Perception links will not work for students on the new module and need to be deleted.
  • For your new module, you will need to schedule your assessment again. See the instructions in Blackboard.
  • You are advised to use a browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome, as issues have been reported with Internet Explorer.

iconGrade Centre:

  • Any Grade Centre settings, such as filters / SmartViews or colour coding, are not copied. They need to be re-created.
  • See the guide: Mastering the Grade Centre which is available via Blackboard in the Help (Staff) area.


  • Groups settings are not copied. Groups have to be re-created.
  • Multiple groups can be created at once using the 'Create Group Set' feature.
  • See the guide to Creating Groups which is available via Blackboard in the Help (Staff) area

icon Make your module available to students:

  • Students will not be able to use your module until you have made it available to them. Watch this video or read this handout.

Module Content

Each year a bulk copying process is undertaken that copies material from the existing Blackboard modules in to the new modules.

If your module is an empty template this is because the module has been created after the bulk copying or the Blackboard module ID has changed in some way, e.g. the module has changed semester or has a new module code.

You can copy the contents from the previous module yourself. For instructions, please see the handout: Copying Content Between Blackboard Modules.