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Help for staff - PebblePad

What can I use PebblePad for?

Who do I contact for advice and support?

Carol Higgison (ext 3298) is the primary person to contact for support. In Carol's absence you can also contact Jak Radice (ext 6348) and Maureen Readle (ext 6741). They can all be contacted via email at

If you would like to use PebblePAD with your students and are not sure of the best way of doing this, they are more than happy to visit you to discuss your needs. Reporting problems/assistance requests etc should be made via the ICT Service Desk email ext 3333.

User guides:

PebblePad3 has a comprehensive Help system within Pebble+ and ATLAS to help you get the most out of PebblePad3.

Below are some links to some introductory videos available from the PebblePad3 website.

Pebble+ Movies:

These movies open in a new window.

Pebble+ Interface:

Creating Assets:

Creating New Templates:

ATLAS Movies:

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