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PebblePad help tips

Problems logging into PebblePad?  PebblePad isn't displaying correctly?

Before using PebblePad on your own computer, we recommend that you run the PebblePad Browser Check.  Do this before you log-in.  The PebblePad Browser Check is on the right of the log-in page.

PebblePad Browser Check

If you still have issues with PebblePad, please check:

  • Update your web browser to the latest version.
    • If you are using Firefox, PebblePad does not display correctly if you are using Firefox 7 - please download a later version from the Mozilla website.
  • Update Flash to the latest version.
  • Allow pop-ups from as well as

Can't log into PebblePad?

  • If you have logged in before and PebblePad now doesn't recognise your details, clear the cache of your browser.

Who do I contact for advice and support?

If you need help on how to use PebblePad, you should contact IT Services; however, if you are uncertain of what you should be doing in PebblePad, you should contact your lecturer.


User guides:

PebblePad3 has a comprehensive Help system within Pebble+ and ATLAS to help you get the most out of PebblePad3.

Below are some links to some introductory videos available from the PebblePad3 website.

Pebble+ Movies:

These movies open in a new window.

Pebble+ Interface:

Creating Assets:

Creating New Templates:

ATLAS Movies:

These videos open in a new window.