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Top 10 tips

Top 10 tips Introduction

A survey, Staff Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning (SUTTL), was given to University of Bradford teaching, admin and support staff in May 2008. This looked at how they used technology in teaching and learning. These tips aim to plug some of the knowledge gaps that were evident from the survey results.


Make your module available

By default, new Blackboard modules are unavailable, so the student can't see the module. This is to give staff time to add material. However, it's very easy to forget the most important step:

  • Control Panel > Settings > Course Availability > Yes

Student unable to use Blackboard?

A students says to you "I can't use Blackboard. I can't get on it", ask: "Can you log on to the University of Bradford's email?"

If a student can't access their Bradford email, they have a general problem with access. Direct them to the IT Help desk on floor 0 in the J. B. Priestley Library, or the Computer Password Information web page

Understand how your students are enrolled

Students are automatically enrolled on Blackboard modules via SAINT's SMR record. If your student says they cannot access a Blackboard module, check that:

  1. The student can log into UoB IT resources such as email or e-Vision (see `Student Unable to Use Blackboard?').
  2. The module is available (see `Make Your Module Available').
  3. The student is enrolled on your module.
  • Go to: Control Panel > List/Modify Users
  • Choose LIST ALL, or search for your student.
    • If your student does not appear in the list, or has a `no entry' logo next to their name, they are not enrolled on your module.
    • Your department's SAINT administrator can check for a SMR record. The student should see the module when Blackboard is updated (next day).


Allow submissions after the date due

When setting up a TurnitinUK assignment choose to `Show advanced assignment options' and select `Yes' to `Allow submissions after the due date?'

This will allows students with extensions to submit their work without the need to create a new submission area. Late students are clearly flagged as late in the Control Panel.

How to remove a source from the Originality Report

An Originality Report can give a match of `100%' because the paper is being `checked against itself'. An instructor can remove particular sources
from the Originality Report.

To do this, in the Originality Report View, click the tiny cross (x) next to the source you wish to remove. This will remove the source revealing any other sources `underneath'.

Wimba Create (was Course Genie), Word, PowerPoint etc

Use styles and your life will improve! Don't know what they are or how to use them? - ask a member of your LTT team to help you find out more.

BB & other on-line applications

Use a different browser

Problems online? The easiest and quickest solution is to use a different browser, such as Firefox. Problems often occur because your browser has become configured improperly. On the login screen in Blackboard, check by clicking the 'Test Browser' button.

Concentrate on your learning outcomes

Don't let the technology dictate your approach. Decide what you want to achieve and then examine the available technologies. It can be daunting to try something new. Being clear what you're trying to achieve makes it easier.

Use the documentation

Learner Support Services has plenty of good online documentation.

Know where to get help

Contact the ICT Servicedesk for faults or specific problems. 
Contact the Learning Technology Team for general advice about online learning: