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Professor Fun Hu

Professor Fun Hu

  • Title: Professor of Wireless Communications
  • Email:
  • Extension: 4151 / 4093
  • Room No. Chesham B3.04
  • Qualifications: BSc PhD SMIEEE MIET
  • Additional Role: Head of Future Ubiquitous Networks Research Group
  • Additional Role: Communications and Networks Research Unit Leader
  • Additional Role: Member of IT Requirements Strategic Panel
  • Research Groups: Future Ubiquitous Networks


Professor Fun Hu is Professor of Wireless Communications Engineering since 2005 and the holder of the Yorkshire Forward Chair in Wireless Communications (2007). Since starting her academic career in 1992, Prof. Hu has received considerable funding support through participations and contributions to many flagship projects funded by the UK funding councils, the EU, ESA and TSB. Much of her research activities have been conducted in collaboration with industry and other universities and research organisations over the globe. Her major research is in integrated mobile, wireless and satellite communication networks with particular applications to vehicular communications networks including aircrafts and trains. She is the Head of the Future Ubiquitous Research Group, which has 3 academic staff, 7 research staff and numerous research students. Prof. Hu has published over 100 papers in scientific journals and international conferences, and have co-authored 1 book, edited two books and contributed to 5 book chapters.


Future plans

EPSRC applications
Horizon 2020 - PPP, Co-fund, Cleansky2
CPD Development

Current, and significant recent, funded projects

Recent projects
British Council BLESS U ~£90K
British Council SITARA ~£150K
Innovate UK HARNet ~£766K
Innovate UK SINCBAC ~ £590K
EU/ESA SatNEx (I, II, III, IV) ~ £300K
MBM3 Software Design and Development ~ £25K
Leverhulme Visiting Fellowship ~ £26K
ESA Broadband to Trains ~ £15K
Sensor Data Link (Filtronics) ~ £14K
ESA Inmarsat BGAN ~ £215K


Yorkshire Forward Chair in Wireless Communications
Best Paper Award: T. Sigwele, P. Pillai and Y.F.Hu, "Elastic Call Admission Control using Fuzzy Logic in Virtualized Cloud Radio Base Stations", EAI WiSATS, 2015.


ETSI RRS working group
ETSI Aerogroup


Fellowships of Professional Institutions or equivalent

Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (FIET)

International Plenary Lectures, Conference Keynote

Keynote speaker on 'Mobile Cloud', The 2nd International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud (FiCloud-2014), 27-29 August 2014, Barcelona, Spain

Keynote Speaker on 'Risk Assessment and Cyber Security for Aeronautical Communications', COMSNET Future Internet Security Workshop 2015

Membership of Research Council Peer Review College

Member of EPSRC Peer Review College


Dr Atm Alam
Dr Rashid Munir
Dr Mohammed Amir
Dr Yongqiang Cheng
Dr Kai Xu
Dr Anju Pillai
Dr Mohammad Ali
Dr Fanzhi Kong
Dr Chan See
Ms Lin Zhang
Mr Adeel Ahmed
Mr Kirils Bibiks
Mr Tshiamo Sigwele


Abimbola Sangodoyin
Babatope Ayo
Kirils Bibiks
Tshiamo Sigwelle
Adeel Ahmed (P/T)
Esua Jaff
Suraj Verma


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