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Multidisciplinary Engineering Laboratory

The lab contains equipment that can be used across our engineering disciplines, including civil, electrical, mechanical, medical and chemical and so represents not only a more practical learning environment but also an efficient use of space. The large open space is divided up into defined areas: Wet, Dry, Quiet and Loud. An open-plan approach allows our students to move around the space freely, experiencing and immersing themselves in the practical application of theory.

The multidisciplinary lab allows students to move around with the equipment they’re using and use the space in a totally new way. Within the lab there is a variety of kit allowing each student across the Engineering spectrum to develop a deeper understanding of the basic principles; a Pin Joined Framework shows the stresses and strains in a truss structure, whilst a Bernoulli Apparatus shows how pressure affects liquid in restricted pipes.

Brand new microscopes, interactive boards and dialysis machines are just a few of the tools students will be able to get to grips with. Each piece of equipment is linked with a computer, combining the use of digital software with real practical learning. This lab, worth an investment of £1.5m is not just for now, for present students, but looks to the future of Engineering.