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Final Year Projects

Final year student explaining project.

Projects for the BEng and MEng in Medical Engineering and BSc in Clinical Technology

Each year we have up to 40 student final year projects of which 5 are usually industry based. Below is a typical list of project titles:

  • Design and Manufacturing of Medical ECG Device
  • Ankle and knee joint contribution in simple gait tasks
  • Cell Engineering of Bone and use of synthetic cannabinoid for bone healing
  • Medical spirometer device
  • Electrocardiography (ECG)
  • Asthma and damp housing
  • Rotational deformities of the lower limb in children
  • Motorcycle Helmet Removal
  • Electrically-assisted Cycling for Rehabilitation
  • Tissue engineering and fibronectin
  • Computational Genomics and Genomic Coding Theory
  • UV irradiation of microorganisms
  • Design, Material selection and Mechanical testing of a new implant for Treatment of Avascular Necrosis (AVN);Sponsored by DePuy Orthopaedics
  • Bone density measurement and its relation to various Bone Disorders using bone scanners; Hospital sponsored project
  • The biomechanics of dental implants
  • Porous polymer structures as biomaterial implants
  • Clinical Electrocardiography and interpretation
  • Norovirus spread in hospitals
  • Bone disease in Implants
  • Clinical assessment of Bone disorders, causes, types, diagnosis and treatment
  • Tuberculosis transmission in aircraft
  • Airborne microorganisms and infection
  • Hand loading carrying shopping bags: effects of Yoke Shopper carrying gadget
  • Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Ligament and Tendon
  • Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Cartilage
  • Hospital infection control
  • Tissue Engineering Bioreactor Design
  • Electrically-assisted Cycling for Rehabilitation
  • Gait Confidence in Lower-limb Amputees
  • Pediatric Hospital Seating
  • Tissue Engineering Bioreactor Design
  • Recovering of knee position sense following ACL reconstruction
  • Cell engineering of Human skin using HaCaT cell culture
  • The biomechanics of dental implants
  • Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Ligament and Tendon
  • Cell engineering of Human bone using MG63 osteoblasts
  • Fall sensor for elderly people
  • Joint kinetics when walking on a prosthesis: hydraulic v fixed ankle device
  • Smart Walking Frame
  • Electrically-assisted Cycling for Rehabilitation
  • Use of DEXA hospital based bone scanners for bone disorder diagnosis and statistical analysis
  • Pain Management and use of TENS Machines
  • Electrocardiography: Clinical Patient Assessment
  • Design and manufacture of an electronic medical device for measuring heartbeat in BPM (Beats Per Min)
  • Airborne microorganisms and infection
  • Design and Manufacturing of Medical Pacemaker Device