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School of Engineering Research

Multi-disciplinary research is key to our research vision and strategy to address the diverse, complex and demanding problems of today's society. Research activities are conducted collaboratively in our Expert Research Groups and in the University funded Centres of Excellence (R&KT Centres) that are based in the School. Much of our research activities are funded by external bodies including Research Funding Councils, the EU and industries, supported by world class research facilities and experienced technical staff, providing an excellent training environment and platform for our Postgraduate Research (MPhil and PhD) Programmes. We have close collaborations with other research and academic institutes across the globe and host research visitors from throughout the world

Building on our ethos of 'Research informs teaching, teaching prepares research', the School also offers a wide-spectrum of research-led Postgraduate Taught Programmes and Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses that cater for different professional needs.

Research Highlights of Staff in the School of Engineering

On the 5th May 2016, the School of Engineering held a Research Presentation Day showcasing the expertise of the academic staff in the School. See here for full details.

Advanced Materials Engineering Advanced Materials Engineering.

Advanced Materials Engineering (AME) focus is on structuring advanced polymeric and biomedical materials via processing, with associated modelling, for:

  • high added-value products and methodologies and therapies aimed primarily at health and wellbeing
  • resource efficient materials, enhancing the value of feedstocks

Located in the world-class 4000 square foot Polymer Interdisciplinary Research Centre at Bradford, AME builds on decades of Polymer IRC research and knowledge transfer strengths whilst utilising its leading edge facilities. It is lead by Professor Phil Coates, FREng who is also the Director of the UK Polymer IRC UK network.

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Automotive Research Centre‌Automotive Research Centre transparent png

The Centre was established by the University of Bradford in January 2010 to build on the School of Engineering's research expertise in Mechanical Engineering, bringing together staff knowledge, expertise and experience over a broad range of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering related topics with a focus on CO2 reduction in the road transport sector.

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Within the Automotive Research Centre are a number of sub-groups specialising in the following areas:

The Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Technology (Polymer MNT)The Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Technology (Polymer MNT)

Polymer MNT is a world-class facility within the Polymer IRC laboratories at the University of Bradford. The Centre is leading research in polymer science, from polymer processing to simulation, characterisation and measurement techniques.

Our collaborative network is an interdisciplinary partnership with colleagues from academia and industry. The Centre allows access to equipment and expertise that facilitate high value manufacturing and characterisation for all sizes companies. This is a unique feature of the Centre and contributed significantly to the research success, helping to explore new research avenues.

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Centre For Sustainable EnvironmentsBradford Centre for Sustainable Environments

The Centre is home to a dedicated team of specialists, and champions two main themes, Environment and Infrastructure. These research themes address directly the 21st century challenges facing the civil engineering profession – reducing waste and developing more sustainable construction materials. To address these challenges the Centre’s expertise focuses upon the linked themes of composite construction, smart infrastructure and environmental impact.

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Mechanical and Process EngineeringMechanical and Process Engineering, University of Bradford.

The Mechanical and Process Engineering (MPE) Research Group focuses on fundamental and applied research in the area of Mechanical, Chemical and Process Engineering.

The area reflects a strong track record in modelling and simulation of manufacturing, particularly in automotive engineering with growing application to industrial chemical process engineering.

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Medical EngineeringMedical Engineering

The University of Bradford has for many years been involved in cutting edge research in medical engineering and healthcare technology. The Medical Engineering research team at Bradford specialises in clinically orientated translational research and has a strong track record in: Clinical biomechanics; Tissue mechanics; Vision and mobility; Orthopaedics; Haemodynamics; Neurovascular disease; Epidemiological modelling; Infection control.

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