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Interface Research Project

Claire Pickard

Interface Research Project

Following a MA in Culture, Creativity and Entrepreneurship from the University of Leeds, Claire is undertaking a PhD exploring how young people from Bradford of Dual Heritage express their identity in different parts of their lives. Claire’s professional experience is in the cultural sector, specialising in regeneration programmes and arts-based projects for minority groups including young people. 

The Interface project asks Dual Heritage young people to engage in a conversation by email, to share personal stories from both cultures which form their heritage and particularly concerning the experiences of their family in terms of migration, homeland, kinship and culture; what these stories mean to the young person and what they identify with. Following this, in months 2 to 5 (running from October 2016 to February 2017), participants will be asked to respond to one story per day shared with the group by email and through the project’s Facebook page. These will have associated questions for participants to answer as well as to contribute their own thoughts about the story – these stories will include news and media pieces, memes and digitally circulated stories. Participants may not as a rule come across these specific stories on a regular basis through their social media feeds but may be exposed to stories and attitudes such as these in their daily life both in the real world as part of UK and Bradford culture and online: it is precisely these parallels and personalised responses Claire hopes to gather. 

Do you have to be one thing that fits in a box? Or, does being Dual Heritage mean you have more identities than most? What is common to those who identify as Dual Heritage or mixed race, that makes you who you are?

What can be learnt from the experiences of Dual Heritage children in how to foster cohesion between two or more different cultures and belief systems? In forming their identity, how do they synthesise their sense of family with community affiliations and social media groups? Are there commonalities in the lived experience of culture by Dual Heritage children within Bradford as a diasporic centre and transnationally?

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