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Media, Design and Technology A-Z Staff List

Dr Patrick Allen  6139  Horton D3.08 
Dr Fin Caton-Rose  3726 / 3100  Horton D4.20 / Richmond WG27 
Mr Will Godfrey  6085  Horton D3.03 
Dr Mark Goodall  6071  Horton D3.10 
Mark Goodliff  2350  Horton D2.10 
Chris Hazell  3985  Horton D3.12 
Ms Kate Johnson  4037  Horton D4.19 
Mr Peter Lassey  3940  Chesham C1.25 
Mr Robert Redman  6134  Horton D2.08 
Dr Carlton Reeve  5467  Horton D2.13 
Jason Theaker  5562  D2.09 Office Hour 1pm - 2pm Thursday 
Ms Karen Deborah Thornton (Scott)  6137  Horton D3.09 
Professor Hassan Ugail  5464  Horton D1.13 
Dr T Wan  6086  Horton D2.12 

* External visitors should add 01274 23 before the telephone numbers above. Overseas visitors should add +44 1274 23 before the numbers above.

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