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 Chris Hazell

Chris Hazell

  • Title: Lecturer in Sound and Visual Production
  • Email:
  • Extension: 3985
  • Room No. Horton D3.12
  • Qualifications: PGCHEP Bradford TOTSI (6 year BBC apprentice)
  • Additional Role: Programme leader, Media Technology and Production


Worked in many production roles for the BBC.. Cameraman on drama and factual, directed, engineered, travelled all over... Did that from 1984 until 2007 when i decided to have a change.. and here i am... I love TV related work and like to be sure that I'm teaching the current stuff, so still squeeze in shifts as a casual at the BBC and and indy stuff, if i can find time. Current interests outside the TV bubble include sewing (yes, sewing!), making clothes, making furniture, interior design, watching films and all that family stuff that dads do.

Profile last updated on: 11-02-2015