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Dr Fin Caton-Rose

Dr Fin Caton-Rose


Graduated in Engineering for Design and Manufacture (BEng) at Hull University in 1992 before starting work on the design, build and testing of a ceramic water pump for the Water Hydraulics Research Group at the same University. In 1995 Dr Caton-Rose registered for an industrially sponsored PhD into the computer modelling of large strain deformation for geogrid applications. Dr Caton-Rose graduated in January 2000, having joined the Polymer Engineering research group as a research member of staff the previous September.

Dr Caton-Rose became a Research Investment Lecturer in 2003 and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in Polymer Engineering in 2006. Dr Caton-Rose is the Manager of the Solid Phase Polymer Processing Group and Manager of the Computer Modelling Research Centre within the Polymer IRC. In 2013 he became Head of Product Design, in the School of Engineering, Design and Technology, and in 2014 was appointed Head of Design in the newly formed School of Media, Design and Technology until November 2015. He is a member of the Centre of Advanced Materials Engineering and Centre for Polymer Micro and Nano Technology.

Dr Caton-Rose has taught across the Design and Engineering disciplines with specific interests in computer aided design (both traditional and freeform), finite element analysis, digital prototyping and product design studio projects. His current research activities include fibre orientation and fibre breakage studies during the injection moulding of composite materials (both computational and experimental), advanced process visualisation, solid phase deformation, biocompatitble and bioresorbable polymers, shape memory polymers, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.


Future plans

Further growth of the Solid Phase Polymer Processing Laboratories; building on the large existing portfolio of publicly and commercially funded projects. Development of micro-die drawing systems for healthcare applications (vascular and tissue fixation) including exploitation of shape memory polymers in alternative commercial fields. A small scale die drawing rig is also being developed to examine in-process crystalisation and orientation in collaboration with Prof Yongfeng Men (funded by Newton Fellowship Scheme).

Fibre orientation and breakage investigations during the injection moulding process Particular emphasis on the accurate prediction of fibre orientation within moulded parts (in collaboration with Autodesk Moldflow) and fibre breakage within the screw and nozzle. Part of this investigation is also looking at the complex flow resulting at the end of the screw via microCT.

Current, and significant recent, funded projects

Principal Investigator
Nylacast - University of Bradford KTP (KTP 508327)
Sichuan Province International Cooperation Project - High Microfibrilation of PLA Bone Fixation Material and its Biological Properties

EPSRC Smart Manufacturing of Medical Devices for soft tissue fixation (EP/L020572/1)
EPSRC GLOBAL - Promoting research partnerships in Advanced Materials for Healthcare (EP/K004204/1)


Composites Award for Published Work (Institute of Materials 2005)
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
Board Member Advanced Materials Research Institute (UK - China)

Nichols, K.L., Birchmeier, B.M., Ward, I.M., Coates, P.D., Caton-Rose, P., Thompson, G.P, Wani, V., Rajen, M.P. (2012) Low density oriented polymer composition with inert inorganic filler. US Patent Office Patent number US 8142697. Accessed 10 January 2016

Nichols, K.L., Birchmeier, B.M., Tusim, M.H., Ward, I.M., Coates, P.D., Caton-Rose, P., Thompson, G. (2010) Substantially proportional drawing die for polymer compositions. US Patent Office Patent number US 7687002. Accessed 10 January 2016


Symposium Organiser at European Conference Composite Materials conferences
Invited speaker at Autodesk University conferences, for work on fibre orientation and breakage during injection moulding
Invited speaker at Chemelot conference, for work on solid phase polymer processing

Part of two research groups within Europe in the field of fibre reinforced polymers. Groups include Politecnico di Milano, University of Leeds, University of Bradford and Ecole Nationale Superieure de Macanique et D'Aerotechnique (for academic research) and Robert Bosch GmbH, Fraunhofer Institutes ITWM and LBF, BASF SE, University of Aalborg, Danish Technical Institue, Ecole des Arts et Metier de Paris, Ecole des Mines de Paris, Pólo de Inovação em Engenharia de Polímeros, Transfercenter für Kunststofftechnik, University of Trieste, Fiat, Gemmate Technoligies and University of Urbana Champaign for future commercialisation.
Invited speaker at Connect (2015 and 2012)) and European Conference of Composite Materials (2012) for work on fibre orientation predictions


Fellowships of Professional Institutions or equivalent

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

International Conference Organisation

Symposium Organiser at International Conference Composite Materials 2013

Prizes, Medals, Awards

Institute of Materials Composites Award for Published Work


Dr Dimitrios Vgenopoulos - EPSRC Post-Doctoral Researcher
Dr Bushra Parveen - Post-Doctoral Researcher
Mr Glen Thompson - Specialist Researcher Technician


Michael Hebda - 'Advanced 3D Printing for Healthcare Applications'
Millan John-Gilson - 'Long Fibre Breakage During the Injection Moulding Process'
Kate Johnson - 'Creation, Destruction and Transformation - Project code named humpty'


Li, Z., Zhao, X., Ye, L., Coates, P.D., Caton-Rose, P., Martyn, M. (2015) Structure and blood compatibility of high oriented poly(L-lactic acid) chain extended by ethylene glycol diglycidyl ether. Polymer 56 523 - 534

Li, Z., Zhao, X., Ye, L., Coates, P.D., Caton-Rose, P., Martyn, M. (2015) Fibrilation of chain branched poly (lactic acid) with improved block compatibility and bionic structure. Chemical Engineering Journal 279 767 - 776

Li, Z., Zhao, X., Ye, L., Coates, P.D., Caton-Rose, P., Martyn, M. (2014) Structure and blood compatibility of highly oriented PLA/MWNTs composites produced by solid hot drawing. Journal of Biomaterials Applications 28 (7) 978 - 989

Hine, P., Parveen, B., Brands, D., Caton-Rose, P. (2014) Validation of the modified rule of mixtures using a combination of fibre orientation and fibre length measurements. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 64 70 - 78

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Profile last updated on: 10-03-2016