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Research  Alumni


StudentPrincipal SupervisorAssociate SupervisorFull Thesis Title
Mr Ibrahim Ammar Prof I Awan Dr AJ Cullen Design and analysis of energy-efficient media access control protocols in wireless sensor networks
Miss Nur Ramli Dr M Youseffi Dr MCT Denyer Design and development of a low cost heart beat monitor device using finger photoplethysmography technique
Mr Iyad Suleiman Mr MJ Ridley second supervisor to be confirmed Integrating data mining and social network techniques into the development of a web-based adaptive play-based assessment tool for school readiness
Ms Humaira Afzal Prof I Awan Prof RE Sheriff Modelling and Analysis of Dynamic Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio based Wireless Regional Area Networks
Mr Jeet Saneecharaun Dr P Olley Prof AJ Day Development of a current to pressure (I/P) converter
Mr Alaa Al-madi Prof IJ Mccolm   Investigating Mechanical Properties of Ordinary Portland Cement


StudentPrincipal SupervisorAssociate SupervisorFull Thesis Title
Ms Ashima Chopra Prof GE Tupholme Dr RJ Fretwell The case for relearning technological innovation for socioeconomic development: Lessons from the fair tracing project
Mr Mohammed Binmelha Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Dr NJ Mcewan Design and implementation of band rejected antennas using adaptive surface meshing and genetic algorithms methods
Mr Abdulhakim Elbita Dr SS Ipson Prof RSR Qahwaji Efficient processing of corneal confocal microscopy images
Mr Mohamad Al-shammari Dr Y Peng Prof DJ Tobin Integrated data analytics of germline mutation classes in human cancers
Miss May Al-nashashibi Prof C Neagu   Arabic language processing for text classification
Mr Taha Jassim Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Dr RA Halliwell Combined Robust and Fragile Watermarking Algorithms for still images
Miss Guzlan Miskeen Prof DD Kouvatsos Prof I Awan Performance and security trade-offs in high-speed networks
Mr Yousef Dia'meh Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Dr SMR Jones The optimization of multiple antenna broadband wireless communications
Miss Wanting Liu Dr Y Peng Prof DJ Tobin An integrated bioinformatics approach for the identification of melanoma-associated biomarker genes
Mr Adeeb Alhomoud Prof I Awan Mr JF Pagna Disso A Self-healing Framework to combat cyber attacks
Mr Salah Zahed Prof I Awan Dr AJ Cullen Performance analysis and modelling of spectrum handoff schemes in cognitive radio networks
Mr Saleh Enbiya Dr F Mahieddine   Automatic control strategies of mean arterial pressure and cardiac output
Mr Dimitrios Vgenopoulos Dr PD Caton-Rose Prof AJ Day An investigation of oriented polymers for power transmission application
Mrs Somia Amsheri Prof V Zharkova Prof GE Tupholme Fractional calculus operator and its applications to certain classes of analytic functions
Miss Chongye Guo Dr Y Peng Dr MH Brinkworth An integrated approach for the investigation and analysis of signalling networks in Azoospermia
Mrs Agnieszka Zdunek Dr P Olley Dr K Hussain Prediction of natural frequencies of turbine blades for turbocharger application
Miss Zao Feng Prof KV Horoshenkov Prof S Tait Condition classification in underground pipes based on acoustical characteristics
Miss Dima Jurf Dr M Goodall Mr PT Allen Utilisation of digital media in improving children's reading habits
Mr Zaini Dr K Hussain Prof AJ Day Control strategies for blended braking in road vehicles
Miss Hamda Al-shihi Dr BL Roberts Mr DJ Robison "A transdisciplinary study of embodiment in HCI, AI and new media"
Mr William Bradley Prof M Ebrahimi Prof AS Wood Current based fault detection and diagnosis of induction motors
Mr Andrew Nichols Prof KV Horoshenkov Prof S Tait Free Surface Dynamics in Shallow Turbulent Flows
Mr Ali Abdeldayem Dr M Youseffi Dr MCT Denyer The effect of synthetic cannabinoids on wound healing of chondrocytes monolayers and pseudo 3D cartilage tissue
Mr Mohamed Genedy Dr M Youseffi Dr MCT Denyer The effect of synthetic cannabinoids and their combination with TGF-?3 on wound healing of cell cultured human bone cell monolayers and 3D models
Miss Anna Palczewska Prof C Neagu Mr MJ Ridley "Interpretation, Identification and Reuse of Models"
Mr Alan De asha Dr JG Buckley Prof DB Elliott Biomechanical adaptations of lower-limb amputee gait: effects of the Echelon hydraulically damped foot
Mr Hossein Ghomashi Prof M Ebrahimi Dr P Olley Modelling the combustion in a dual fuel HCCI engine
Mr Michael Dwyer iii Prof CB Beggs   Development and application of novel algorithms for quantitative analysis of magnetic resonance imaging in multiple sclerosis


StudentPrincipal SupervisorAssociate SupervisorFull Thesis Title
Mr Peter Clark Prof AS Wood Dr P Olley Multi-scale modelling describing thermal behaviour of polymeric materials
Mr Atia Albhbah Mr MJ Ridley Dr DRW Holton Dynamic web forms development using RuleML
Mr Farshid Sefat Dr M Youseffi Dr MCT Denyer Cell engineering of human bone monolayers and the effect of growth factors and microcontact printed ECM proteins on wound healing
Mr Shahid Adnan Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Dr JM Noras Ultra-wideband antenna design for microwave imaging applications
Mr Abubakar Hussaini Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Dr NJ Mcewan Energy efficient radio frequency system design for mobile WiMAX applications
Mr Xuefei Yin Prof IF Campean Prof AS Wood Application of multidisciplinary design optimisation to engine calibration optimisation
Mr Hmeda Hraga Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Dr NJ Mcewan Modelling and design of compact wideband and ultra-wideband antennas for wireless communications
Mrs Margie Louws Dr AJ Cullen Dr PA Gilligan Electronic multi-agency collaboration
Miss Reema Khorshed Prof J Jiang Dr RM Phillips A cell level automated approach for quantifying antibody staining in immunohistochemistry images
Mr Ibrahim Atoum Prof RSR Qahwaji   "The development of automatic solar imaging techniques for accurate detection, merging, verification and tracking of solar filaments"
Mr Sultan Almotiri Prof I Awan Dr D Rigas Design and evaluation of security mechanism for routing in MANETs
Miss Rita Ochuko Dr AJ Cullen Prof C Neagu E-banking operational risk assessment
Mrs Anna Romanova Prof KV Horoshenkov Prof S Tait Acoustic monitoring of hydraulic resistance in partially full pipes
Mrs Nik Nik ahmad Dr TR Wan Prof J Jiang An empirical study of multisection virtual 3D healthcare learning environments
Mr Esam El-ossta Dr SS Ipson Prof RSR Qahwaji Automated dust storm detection using satellite images
Mr Ahmed Ghneimat Mr J Mellor Dr RJ Fretwell Adaptive technique for energy management in wireless sensor networks
Mr Prisadarng Skolpadungket Dr KP Dahal   Portfolio management using computational intelligence approaches
Mr Jonathan Winkley Dr P Jiang Dr MA Hossain Behaviour recognition and monitoring of the elderly using wearable wireless sensors
Mr Issa Elfergani Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Dr NJ Mcewan "Investigation, design and implementation of frequency tuneable antennas for mobile handset and UWB applications"
Dr Muhammad Ali Dr P Pillai Prof YF Hu Load balancing in heterogeneous wireless communications networks
Mrs Mutyaa Ehmaida Dr M Youseffi Dr PC Twigg Friction and lubrication behaviour of hip resurfacing metal-on-metal and ZTA ceramic on CFR PEEK implants with various diameters and clearances
Mrs Ruohui Yang Dr KP Dahal Prof PI Cowling An investigation of forecasting methods for a purchasing decision support system
Mr Abdel-baset Ihbal Dr H Rajamani Dr DTW Liang Investigation of energy demand modeling and management for local communities
Mr Moftah Bin hasan Prof M Ebrahimi Prof IM Mujtaba Current based condition monitoring of electromechanical systems
Mr Ahmed Alsawy Prof KV Horoshenkov Dr EC Brown The characterisation of polymer clay nanocomposites using ultrasound technology
Mrs Nesren Waly Dr MA Kamala Dr R Tassabehji Organisational information security management: The impact of training and awareness
Mr Abdelhamed Ganaw Dr A Ashour Prof DC Hughes Rheology of grout for preplaced aggregate concrete
Mr Mohamed Jalboub Dr H Rajamani Dr DTW Liang Investigation of the application of UPFC controllers for a weak bus system subjected to fault conditions
Mr Majid Al khambashi Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Dr H Rajamani Analysis and solutions for RFID tag and RFID reader deployment in wireless communications applications
Mr Said Said Prof IM Mujtaba Dr M Emtir "MSF process modelling, simulation and optimisation, impact of non-condensable gases and fouling factor on design and operation"
Mrs Yasmina Bashon Prof C Neagu Mr MJ Ridley Contributions to fuzzy object comparison and applications
Mr Matthias Holzbock Prof JG Gardiner   Mobile multimedia service provisioning with collective terminals in broadband satellite networks
Mr Shahid Maqsood Prof MK Khan Prof AS Wood The scheduling of manufacturing systems using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques in order to find optimal/near-optimal solutions
Mrs Norhayati Ahmat Prof H Ugail Dr G Gonzalez Castro Geometric modelling and shape optimisation of pharmaceutical tablets
Mr Ioannis Petropoulos Dr SMR Jones Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Development of an antenna system for a relay-based wireless network
Mr Kamal Sassi Prof IM Mujtaba Dr C Kara-Zaitri "Optimal scheduling, design, operation and control of Reverse Osmosis based desalination"
Mr Atif Khan Prof H Benkreira Dr R Patel Processing melt blended polymer nanocomposites using a novel laboratory mini-mixer
Mr Yusuke Shibata Prof H Benkreira Dr R Patel High speed very thin films with reverse roll coating
Mr Mohamed Shalaby Prof A Vourdas Dr A Konstadopoulou Weak mutually unbiased bases with applications to quantum cryptography and tomography
Mr Walid Abdo Dr KP Dahal Dr MA Hossain Enhancing association rules algorithms for mining distributed databases
Mr Roberto Yumbla orbes Prof MK Khan Dr CS Wright The design of a high volume manufacturing line using a strategic management approach


StudentPrincipal SupervisorAssociate SupervisorFull Thesis Title
Mr Antosh Lewalski Prof M Ebrahimi Prof AS Wood Short distance telemetry for piston monitoring
Mr Zaid Zabanoot Prof G Min Prof ME Woodward Modelling and analysis of resource management schemes in wireless networks
Mr Mohamed Habeeb Dr A Ashour   Flexural behaviour of continuously supported FRP reinforced concrete beams
Mr Abdol rauf Alhaddad Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Prof PS Excell Balanced antennas for mobile handset applications
Mr Shi Yan Prof G Min Prof I Awan Performance Analysis and Improvement of InfiniBand Networks
Miss Sha Sha Dr RA Halliwell Dr P Pillai Performance modelling and analysis of handover and call admission control algorithm for next generation wireless networks
Mr Mohammad Umar Dr L Mulvaney-Johnson Prof PD Coates A model based injection moulded product quality determination through polymer melt pressure - specific volume - temperature (pvT) properties and process monitoring
Mrs Tahereh Sadeghpour ghazaany Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Prof PS Excell Design and implementation of adaptive baseband predistorter for OFDM nonlinear transmitter
Mrs Fiona Draper Dr MCA Oltean-Dumbrava Dr C Kara-Zaitri Development of a student-centred evaluation framework for environmental vocational education and training courses
Mr John Jayaseelan Prof J Jiang Prof G Min Estimation of LRD present in H.264 video traces using wavelet analysis and proving the paramount of H.264 using OPF technique in Wi-Fi environment
Mrs Ruqayya Abdulrahman Prof C Neagu Dr DRW Holton Multi agent system for web database processing
Mr Taher Naser Mr MJ Ridley   A flexible approach for mapping between object-oriented databases and XML
Mrs Faranak Fotouhi-ghazvini Prof RA Earnshaw Mr DJ Robison "Mobile learning using mixed reality games and a conversational, instructional and motivational paradigm"
Mrs Anju Pillai Prof YF Hu Dr RA Halliwell A connection admission control framework for UMTS based satellite systems
Mr Chartchai Doungsa-ard Dr KP Dahal Dr MA Hossain Generation of software test data from the design specification using heuristic techniques
Mrs Ibtehal Nafea Prof I Awan Dr DRW Holton Performance modelling and analysis of E-commerce systems using class based priority scheduling
Mr Aminu Tukur Dr E Sharp Dr B Stern Antimony and acetaldehyde migration from Nigerian and British PET bottles into water and soft drinks under typical use conditions
Mr Kambiz Rezapour Prof M Ebrahimi Prof AS Wood Exergy based SI engine model optimisation
Mr Akram Aburas Prof JG Gardiner Dr P Lei Operating system based perceptual evaluation of call quality in radio telecommunications networks
Mr Omar Alkoles Dr PD Caton-Rose Dr H Qi Mechanical behaviour and fracture toughness of unfilled and short fibre filled polypropylene both drawn and undrawn
Mr Omar Al sheik salem Prof RA Earnshaw Mr DJ Robison Critical analysis and evaluation of interactive and customised applications on mobile television
Mr Andreas Loizou Dr H Qi Prof AJ Day Modelling and simulation of thermo-mechanical phenomena at the friction interface of a disc brake
Miss Sophia Alim Prof C Neagu Mr MJ Ridley Vulnerability in online social network profiles
Mr Yousef Elsheikh Dr AJ Cullen Dr R Tassabehji A model for the adoption and implementation of web-based government services and applications
Mr Musa Abusitta Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Dr NJ Mcewan Design and modelling of beam steering antenna array for mobile and wireless applications using optimisation algorithms
Mr Yousef Alqasrawi Prof C Neagu Prof PI Cowling "Natural scene classification, annotation and retrieval"
Mr Ashardi Abas Mr J Mellor Dr P Jiang Non-intrusive driver drowsiness detection system
Mr Dong Wang Prof J Jiang Dr SS Ipson Digital image processing via combination of low-level and high-level approaches
Miss Gulstan Ezat Dr M Youseffi Dr AL Kelly The influence of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on the properties of polypropylene nanocomposite
Mr Saman Mawlood Dr BL Roberts Mr DJ Robison Challenges and opportunities
Mr Saleh Algoul Dr MA Hossain Dr AA Majumder Optimal multi-drug chemotherapy control scheme for cancer treatment
Mrs Helen Essandoh Dr MHA Mohamed Dr C Tizaoui Efficiency of soil aquifer treatment in the removal of wastewater contaminants and endocrine disruptors
Mr Abdlgader Mohamed Prof A Vourdas Dr A Konstadopoulou A new class of coherent states and its properties
Mr Bilal Sowan Dr KP Dahal Dr MA Hossain Enhancing fuzzy associative rule mining approaches for improving prediction accuracy
Ms Zuhairiah Zainal abidin Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Dr NJ Mcewan "Design, Modelling and implementation of antennas using electromagnetic Bandgap material and Defected Ground Planes"
Mr Salah Elsheikhi Dr L Mulvaney-Johnson Prof IF Campean A holistic approach to injection moulding optimisation for product quality and cost through the characterisation of reprocessed polymeric materials and process monitoring
Mr Sofyan Hayajneh Prof RSR Qahwaji Dr T Colak Engineering and computer-based processing of satellite images for the 3D visualization and modelling of solar loops
Miss Sararat Mahasaranon Prof H Benkreira Prof KV Horoshenkov Acoustic and thermal properties of recycled porous media
Mr Monis Akhlaq Mr J Mellor Prof I Awan Improved performance high speed Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS)
Mr Shamsul Bin sarip Prof AJ Day Dr P Olley Lightweight friction brakes for a road vehicle with regenerative braking
Mr Mohamed Ghoma Dr K Hussain Prof S Tait The effect of wall jet flow on local scour hole development
Mr Faeiz Alserhani Dr AJ Cullen Prof I Awan A framework for correlation and aggregation of security alerts in communication networks
Mr Algaddafi Abdelrahim Prof H Benkreira Dr R Patel Rheology and pumping of waxy crude oils
Mr Muhammad Bilal Dr PML Chan Dr P Pillai Game theoretic coalitional routing in cooperative vehicular ad-hoc networks
Mrs Nazakat Hamasaeed Dr BL Roberts Dr M Goodall The impact of commercial global television on cultural change and identity formation
Mr Mokhairi Makhtar Prof C Neagu Mr MJ Ridley Contributions to ensembles of models for predictive toxicology applications
Mr Aysar Jarullah Prof IM Mujtaba Prof AS Wood Kinetic modelling simulation and optimal operation of Trickle Bed reactor for hydrotreating of crude oil
Mrs Madihah Mohd saudi Dr AJ Cullen Prof ME Woodward A new model for worm detection and response
Mr Nik Nik mohamed Prof MK Khan Dr K Hussain The development of a hybrid knowledge-based system for designing a low volume automotive manufacturing environment
Ms Syadiah Wan shamsuddin Prof H Ugail Dr V Lesk The study of anomaly-based intrusion detection system models in network security
Mr Ebrahim Hawaidi Prof IM Mujtaba Dr C Kara-Zaitri "Simulation, optimisation and flexible scheduling of MSF desalination process under fouling"
Mr Haichao Wang Dr P Jiang Dr DRW Holton A fibre optic system for distributed temperature sensing based on Raman scattering


StudentPrincipal SupervisorAssociate SupervisorFull Thesis Title
Mr Nabeel Azam Prof G Min   A framework for grid-enabling scientific workflow systems
Mr Ahmed Al-gindy Prof RSR Qahwaji second supervisor to be confirmed Design and analysis of discrete cosine transform-based watermarking algorithms for digital images
Miss Xia Han Dr IJ Palmer Prof H Ugail Towards the development of an efficient integrated 3D face recognition system
Mr Nandi Logan Dr JM Noras Prof JG Gardiner CMOS design enhancement techniques for RF receivers
Mr Simon Walker Mr PT Allen Dr IJ Palmer Interpretations of digital exhibition
Mr Ali Mehdi Prof RSR Qahwaji Prof H Ugail Developing a computer system for the generation of unique wrinkle maps for human faces
Mr Roderick Baker Prof PI Cowling second supervisor to be confirmed Bayesian opponent modeling in adversarial game environments
Mr Fahd Aldosari Prof ME Woodward Prof G Min New quality of service routing algorithms based on local state information
Mr Lei Liu Prof G Min Dr X Jin Analytical modelling of scheduling schemes under self-similar network traffic
Mr Mohamed Saleh Mr J Mellor   Analysis of information security risks and protection management requirements for enterprise networks
Mr Jules Pagna disso de muila Mr J Mellor Dr AJ Cullen A novel intrusion detection system (IDS) architecture
Mr Seyed Khaghani Dr M Youseffi Dr MCT Denyer Cell and tissue engineering of articular cartilage via regulation and alignment of primary chondrocyte using manipulated transforming growth factors and ECM proteins
Mr Basit Qureshi Prof DD Kouvatsos Prof G Min Trust management for P2P application in Delay Tolerant Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Mr Turki Alghamdi Prof ME Woodward Dr RJ Fretwell Novel localised quality of service routing algorithms
Mr Ammar Magrabi Dr C Kara-Zaitri Prof M Zairi Building responsive capability for disaster management
Mrs Randa El-gomla Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Dr C Tizaoui A plan-do-check-act framework for WEEE and RoHS
Mr Merhedia Ubiebor Prof JG Gardiner   Modernisation and innovation management: developing a digital society
Mr Ahmad Ammari Prof V Zharkova   "Transforming user data into user value by novel mining techniques for extraction of web content, structure and usage patterns"
Mr Abdulbaset Mohammad Prof I Awan Dr A Konstadopoulou Localised routing algorithms in communication networks with quality of service constraints
Mr Mohamed El-azhari Prof ME Woodward second supervisor to be confirmed Performance analysis of new algorithms for routing in mobile ad-hoc networks
Ms Mona Alkhattabi Prof C Neagu Dr AJ Cullen Information quality assessment in e-learning systems
Mr Saeed Afshinjavid Dr M Youseffi Dr PC Twigg The effect of clearance upon friction and lubrication of large diameter hip resurfacing prostheses using blood and combinations of bovine serum with aqueous solutions of CMC and hyaluronic acid as lubricants
Mr Nabih Abdelmajid Prof SJ Shepherd Dr MA Hossain Innovative location based scheme for internet security protocol
Mr Sayed Fadel Prof SJ Shepherd Prof T Kenc "Pricing basket of credit default swaps and collateralised debt obligation by Levy linearly correlated, stochastically correlated, and randomly loaded factor copula models and evaluated by the Fast and Very Fast Fourier Transform"
Mr Konstantinos Kotsopoulos Dr P Lei Prof YF Hu Managing Next Generation Networks (NGNs) based on the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Mr Radwan Al-dwairi Dr MA Kamala   A fuzzy logic and machine learning approaches to evaluate e-customer's trust and intention towards an online transaction
Mr Aysh Alhroob Dr KP Dahal Dr MA Hossain Software test case generation from system models and specifications
Ms Anna Draniewicz Dr BL Roberts Dr M Goodall Cut off by the 'Iron Curtain'
Mr Lutfi Abosrra Dr A Ashour Dr M Youseffi Corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete
Miss Rasha Osman Prof I Awan Prof ME Woodward Performance modelling of database designs using a queueing networks approach
Mr Alhadi Abosbaia Dr M Youseffi Dr SC Mitchell Design and processing of low alloy high carbon steels by powder metallurgy
Mr Khaled Mezughi Dr C Tizaoui Prof H Benkreira Heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants in water over nanoscale powdered titanium dioxide
Mr Mohamed Mgheder Mr MJ Ridley second supervisor to be confirmed Database metadata requirements for automated web development
Mr Muhammad Bin ali Prof KV Horoshenkov   Development of acoustic sensor and signal processing technique
Mrs Rasha Fares Prof ME Woodward Prof I Awan Performance modelling and analysis of congestion control mechanisms for communication networks with quality of service constraints
Mr Fuad Bajaber Prof I Awan Mr J Mellor Performance analysis of cluster based communication protocols for energy efficient wireless sensor networks
Mr Ding Li Prof ME Woodward   Localised routing algorithms with Quality of Service constraints
Mr Michail Athanasopoulos Prof H Ugail Prof RA Earnshaw Modelling and animation using partial differential equations
Mr Abdulrahman Al-fouzan Dr TD Gough Prof PD Coates Polyethylene Terephthalate / Clay Nanocomposites
Mr Omar Ahmed Prof RSR Qahwaji Dr SS Ipson Enhanced flare prediction by advanced feature extraction from solar images
Mr Bahari Idrus Prof A Vourdas Dr A Konstadopoulou Quantum correlations and measurements in tri-partite quantum systems
Mrs Amina Al-sawaai Prof I Awan Dr RJ Fretwell Performance modelling and analysis of weighted fair queueing for scheduling in communication networks
Miss Wissam Alkhadour Dr SS Ipson Prof RSR Qahwaji Reconstruction of 3D scenes from pairs of uncalibrated images
Mr Abdulhadi Alshehri Prof PD Coates Dr PD Caton-Rose Tensile and fracture behaviour of isotropic and die-drawn polypropylene-clay nanocomposites
Mr Mohamed Alnas Prof I Awan Dr DRW Holton Using link-layer information to enhance mobile IP handover mechanism
Miss Muna Jabuni Prof A Vourdas Dr A Konstadopoulou Analytic representations of finite quantum systems on a torus
Mrs Souad Mugassabi Prof A Vourdas Dr A Konstadopoulou Schrödinger equation with periodic potentials
Mr Khairun Ramli Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Prof PS Excell Modelling and analysis of complex electromagnetic problems using FDTD subgridding in hybrid computational methods
Mrs Wan Wan ibrahim Prof IM Mujtaba Prof H Benkreira Dynamic modelling and optimization of polymerization processes in batch and semi-batch reactors
Miss Yang Jiang Prof J Jiang Dr IJ Palmer Intelligent and interactive imaging towards digital entertainment
Mr Jamal Zraqou Prof RSR Qahwaji Dr SS Ipson Automated system design for the efficient processing of solar satellite images
Mr Taimur Karamat Prof DD Kouvatsos Prof G Min Performance evaluation and prediction of 2-D markovian and bursty multi-traffic queues
Mrs Shehla Khalid Prof C Neagu Prof CA Surr Towards data governance for international dementia care mapping (DCM)
Mr Anqi Shen Dr P Jiang Dr JEF Baruch A real time 3D surface measurement system using projected line patterns
Mr Carlton Reeve Dr IJ Palmer   The effectiveness of game-based learning for educational leadership training


StudentPrincipal SupervisorAssociate SupervisorFull Thesis Title
Mr Adam Preece Prof H Benkreira Prof PD Coates Novel moving extrusion dies for polymer melt extrusion
Mr Richard Butterfield Prof H Benkreira Dr R Patel A novel laboratory dispersive and distributive minimixer and applications
Mr David Bowles Prof MK Khan Prof IF Campean The development of a generic outsourcing decision model with validation through automotive industry case studies
Mr Stephen Remde Prof PI Cowling Dr KP Dahal Enhancing the performance of search heuristics
Mr Elmabruk Laias Prof I Awan Dr PML Chan Performance analysis and enhancement of QoS framework for fixed wimax networks
Mr Christopher Tallon Dr JEF Baruch   A dynamic web interface to a remote robot evaluated with a robotic telescope
Ms Xiang Zuo Prof G Min Prof ME Woodward Simulation and performance analysis of handoff scheme in wireless cellular networks
Dr Antonios Pezouvanis Prof M Ebrahimi Dr P Olley Engine modelling for virtual mapping
Mr Sotirios Tantos Prof DD Kouvatsos   Queueing theoretic models with time out periods
Mr Mansour Elgadafi Prof H Benkreira   Angled curtain coating: An experimental study
Mr Yahia Abdel-fattah Dr GF Rosala Dr CS Wright The mechanics of valves cooling in internal-combustion engines
Mr Yang Lan Prof C Neagu   Computational approaches for time series analysis and prediction
Miss Lan Wang Prof I Awan Prof G Min Performance modeling of congestion control and resource allocation under heterogeneous network traffic
Mr Kai Xu Prof YF Hu Dr PML Chan Radio resource management for satellite UMTS
Mr Fahad Alharby Prof RSR Qahwaji Dr MA Kamala Biometric authentication systems for secured e-transactions in Saudi Arabia
Mr Hussein Abdel-jaber Prof ME Woodward   Performance modelling and evaluation of active queue management techniques in communication networks
Mr Husam Al-osta Prof RSR Qahwaji Prof J Jiang Detection of breast cancer microcalcifications in digitized mammograms
Mr Charalampos Mouchos Prof DD Kouvatsos   Traffic and performance evaluation for optical networks
Mr Yu Wu Prof G Min second supervisor to be confirmed Performance modelling and evaluation of heterogeneous wired/wireless networks under bursty traffic
Mr Elmabrook Mustafa Prof ME Woodward   Some new localized quality of service models and algorithms for communication networks
Mr Khalid Al-omar Dr D Rigas   "Adaptive, adaptable and mixed initiative in interactive systems: an empirical investigation"
Mr Mutlaq Alotaibi Dr D Rigas   The DNA damaging effects induced by novel chemotherapeutic drugs and polyphenol nanoparticles in lymphocytes from colorectal cancer patients and healthy individuals.
Mr Hossein Amirian Prof M Ebrahimi Prof AJ Day Design of a novel rotary compact power pack for the series hybrid electric vehicle
Mr Khaled Al-mejalli Dr KP Dahal Dr MA Hossain Intelligent real-time decision support systems for road traffic management
Mr Muhammad Usman Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Prof PS Excell "Investigation, design and implementation of MIMO antennas for mobile phones"
Mr Milad Shalluf Dr C Tizaoui Dr N Karodia Effect of post-harvest treatment on ripening and quality of tomato fruit using ozone
Mr Mohammed Nasseef Dr MA Kamala Prof M Zairi A study of the critical success factors for sustainable TQM
Mr Yaser Hasan Mr MJ Ridley Mr J Mellor Equivalence class model for structured peer-to-peer information retrieval systems
Mr Khalid Al-arfaj Dr KP Dahal   Generator maintenance scheduling models in power systems
Mr Mahmud Mohamed Prof ME Woodward   Some active queue management methods for controlling packet queueing delay
Mr Sanat Bista Dr KP Dahal Prof PI Cowling Computational models of trust for cooperative evolution
Mr Ahmed Mahlous Dr RJ Fretwell   Multipath Routing Using Max Flow Algorithm for Internet Traffic Engineering
Mr Ghazi Algehni Dr C Kara-Zaitri Dr C Tizaoui A framework for sharing occupational health and safety solutions in the oil industries in Saudi Arabia
Mr Maher Abur-rous Dr MA Hossain Mr F F Abdel-Jaber Phishing website detection using intelligent data mining techniques
Mr Aamer Mohamed Prof J Jiang Dr SS Ipson From content-based to semantic image retrieval
Miss Iman Alansari Dr A Konstadopoulou Dr RJ Fretwell Integrating student self-assessment and feedback in e-learning applications: a proposed educational model
Mr Euclid Mills Dr H Rajamani Dr JC Readle Mobile robotics design
Mr Saad Alharbi Dr D Rigas second supervisor to be confirmed Graphical and non-speech sound metaphors in email browsing: an empirical approach
Mr Ephrem Kwaa-aidoo Dr AJ Cullen Dr RJ Fretwell Culturally aligned security in banking
Mr Abdalla Hanashi Prof I Awan Prof ME Woodward Enhanced probabilistic Broadcasting Scheme for Routing in MANETs
Mr Marwan Alseid Dr D Rigas Prof I Awan Multimodal interactive e-learning: An empirical Study
Mr Ahmed Abdurrhman Prof ME Woodward   Error resilient video communications using high level M-QAM
Mr Elmahboub Edreder Prof IM Mujtaba Prof H Benkreira Modelling and optimisation of batch distillation involving esterification and hydrolysis reaction systems
Mr Ahmed Alzahrani Prof ME Woodward   Localized quality of service routing algorithms for communication networks
Mr Hamza Khalfalla Prof IM Mujtaba Dr C Tizaoui Modelling and optimisation of oxidative desulphurization process for model sulphur compounds and heavy gas oil
Mr Ibrahim Nasir Prof J Jiang Dr SS Ipson Digital watermarking of images towards content protection
Mr Husni Almuhtaseb Prof RSR Qahwaji   Arabic text recognition of printed manuscripts
Mr Mohamed Mahmud Prof IM Mujtaba Prof H Benkreira Optimal design and operation of multivessel batch distillation with fixed product demand
Mr Jia Hu Prof G Min second supervisor to be confirmed Analysis and improvement of medium access control protocols in wireless networks
Ms Mawaheb Zarok derdar Dr C Tizaoui Prof IM Mujtaba Experimental and kinetic modelling of multicomponent gas/liquid ozone reactions in aqueous phase
Mr Adedeji Esan Prof MK Khan Dr H Qi "An integrated manufacturing strategy for implementation of lean manufacturing, six sigma and CADCAM methodologies in a Small Medium Manufacturing Environment (SMME)"
Mr Mohammad Alomari Prof RSR Qahwaji Dr SS Ipson Engineering system design for automated space weather forecast
Mr Yongqiang Cheng Prof YF Hu Dr P Jiang Wireless mosaic eyes based robot path planning and control
Mr Hilal Al hadhrami Prof A Vourdas Dr G Harel Phase space methods in finite quantum systems
Miss Chunmei Qing Prof J Jiang Dr SS Ipson Facial analysis and recognition inside digital images and videos
Mr Moh'd Azzeh Prof C Neagu Prof PI Cowling Analogy-based software project effort estimation
Ms Sokyna Alqatawnah Dr SS Ipson Prof RSR Qahwaji 3d facial feature extraction and recognition
Mr Jawad Al khateeb Prof J Jiang Dr SS Ipson Word based off-line handwritten Arabic classification and recognition
Dr Krzysztof Poterlowicz Dr Y Peng Prof VA Botchkarev Network modeling of yeast clee cycle
Mr Matthew Timmis Dr JG Buckley Dr S Bennett Visuomotor control of step descent: the importance of visual information from the lower visual field in regulating landing control
Mr Ahmad Altameem Dr MA Kamala Prof M Zairi Critical factors in Information Technology Adoption
Mr Mohammad Rifaie Mr MJ Ridley   Strategy and methodology for enterprise data warehouse development: integrating data mining and social networking techniques for identifying different communities within the data warehouse
Mr Chetan Lakhanpal Prof AS Wood Dr P Olley  


StudentPrincipal SupervisorAssociate SupervisorFull Thesis Title
Dr Mamun Abu-tair Prof G Min   Performance analysis and enhancement of random access control in multimedia wireless local area networks
Mrs Muna Aljepoori Prof C Neagu   A framework for semantic web implementation based on context-oriented controlled automatic annotation
Mr Abdallah Al-nu'aimi Prof RSR Qahwaji   "Design, implementation and performance evaluation of robust and secure watermarking techniques for digital coloured images"
Mr Mohammed Alnuem Mr J Mellor Dr RJ Fretwell Improving TCP Performance over Heterogeneous Networks
Mr Ayman Altameem Dr MA Kamala Prof M Zairi Critical factors in Information Technology Adoption
Mr Abdukarem Amhamed Prof H Benkreira   Rheology and pipelines startup pressures of waxy crude oils
Dr Salam Assi Prof DD Kouvatsos   Performance analysis of interconnection networks with blocking and wormhole routing
Mr Ibrahim Bahadur Dr D Rigas   An empirical investigation in using auditory metaphors to browse and communicate information to users
Dr Masri Baharom Dr K Hussain Prof AJ Day Design of a semi-active steering system for a passenger car
Miss Juan Chen Prof J Jiang Dr SS Ipson Content-based digital video processing
Mr Vince Chook Prof YF Hu   Topology optimization for wireless sensor network
Mr Siau Chung Prof RA Abd-Alhameed Prof PS Excell Wideband wire bowtie antenna design for microwave imaging application using genetic algorithms
Dr Antonio Ciuffreda Dr D Rigas   An empirical investigation in using multi-modal metaphors to browse internet search results
Mr Nicholas Colledge Dr KP Dahal Prof PI Cowling Evolutionary approaches to dynamic mobile workforce scheduling
Mr Christos Dedes Dr A Konstadopoulou Prof A Vourdas Interference and correlation effects in multimode quantum systems
Mr Mohammed Elsheh Mr MJ Ridley   Integration of Relational Database Metadata and XML Technology to develop an Abstract Framework to generate automatic and dynamic web entry forms
Dr Nikolaos Gazepidis Dr D Rigas   Facial expressions and body gestures in E-commerce: an empirical investigation
Mr Mark Goodall Mr PT Allen Dr IJ Palmer Godfathers of Mondo
Mr Naser Grima Dr C Tizaoui Prof CB Beggs Kinetic and mass transfer studies of ozone degradation of organics in liquid/gas-ozone and liquid/solid-ozone systems
Dr Shafqat Hameed Mr J Mellor Dr AJ Cullen Investigation of e-learning effectiveness: Extent of e-learning effectiveness and efficiency in a new web platform environment in Higher Education Institutions
Dr Osama Harfoushi Dr DJ Hobbs Mr DJ Robison Mobile learning acceptance model: assessing the factors that affect the acceptance of mobile learning among undergraduate students in Jordan
Mr Hon Ho Prof AJ Day Dr K Hussain The influence of braking system component design parameters on pedal force and displacement characteristics
Dr Jeedella Jeedella Dr JM Noras Prof RA Abd-Alhameed IIR transient responses improvement by initialization techniques
Mr Jia Jia Prof J Jiang second supervisor to be confirmed Interactive imaging via hand gesture recognition
Mr Khaled Khalil Prof PS Excell Prof RA Abd-Alhameed "Investigation, design and implementation of circular- polarized antennas for satellite mobile handset and wireless communications"
Mrs Tehmina Khan Prof ME Woodward Mr J Mellor Resilient routing in AdHoc networks
Dr Amir Khan Prof H Benkreira Prof KV Horoshenkov Vibro-acoustic products from recycled raw materials using a cold extrusion process
Mr Dionysios Linardatos Prof SJ Shepherd Dr SMR Jones Symmetry-based methods for minimising redundancy in signal transforms
Mrs Ladan Malazizi Prof C Neagu Prof PR Graves-Morris Development of artificial intelligence-based in-silico toxicity models for use in pesticide risk assessment
Mr Byron Mason Prof M Ebrahimi   Reconfigurable modelling of physically based systems
Dr Aboubaker Masoud Prof IM Mujtaba   Dynamic optimisation of batch distillation with and without chemical reaction with emphasis on product demand and operating cost
Mr Philipp Meise Prof AJ Day Prof AS Wood Energy flow in regenerative braking for road vehicles
Mr Mohd Mohd nawawi Prof MK Khan Dr K Hussain The development of Hybrid Knowledge-Based Collaborative Lean Manufacturing Management (CLMM) system for an automotive manufacturing environment
Dr Ahlal Montaser Prof ME Woodward   Partitioning techniques for scalability enhancement of network routing algorithms
Mr Owen Murphy Dr TA Pickles   Exporting knitted apparel
Mr Abolfath Nikranjbar Prof M Ebrahimi Prof AS Wood Model-based mixed eccentricity fault diagnosis of cage induction motor using particle swarm optimization
Mr Christopher Peel Dr JEF Baruch   An investigation into the construction of an animatronic model
Miss Shaista Rashid Dr D Rigas   An exploratory investigation on computer based note-taking
Mr Jinchang Ren Prof J Jiang Dr SS Ipson "Semantic content analysis for effective video segmentation, summarisation and retrieval"
Mr Wael Saleh abughres Prof ME Woodward   Modelling of call admission control in 3G cellular mobile networks
Dr Solahuddin Shamsuddin Prof ME Woodward   The study of anomaly-based intrusion detection system models in network security
Dr Paul Trundle Prof C Neagu Prof A Vourdas Hybrid Intelligent Systems Applied to Predict Pesticide Toxicity: a Data Integration Approach
Ms Lina Wang Prof A Vourdas Dr A Konstadopoulou Symplectic transformations and entanglement in finite quantum systems
Mr Bo Wang Prof A Vourdas Dr G Harel Time-frequency analysis: using the ambiguity function and the Wigner function
Mr Chen Wang Dr TR Wan Dr IJ Palmer Large-scale 3D Environmental Modelling and Visualisation for Flood Hazard Warning

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