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Dr Andrea Cullen

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Dr Andrea Cullen

What is your area of research?

Cyber Security

What influenced you to study and research in your field?

Initially my interest in computer Science came from school. We were one of the first to have this as an option and I liked problem solving and maths. Cyber Security came much later when I was post PhD.  It is an interesting subject which has both technical and human elements to it.

What inspires you to continue in your field?

The challenge – cyber security has so many facets, multi-disciplined and continuously changing.

What would you say to young females to encourage them to progress into your field?

It provides opportunities to solve social problems as well as technical ones. It’s a great environment where you get to really show how input from females can make appositive change.


I started my first degree when I was a mother of four very young children – the youngest was six weeks. I am proud to be a mum, lecturer and a student in this area. 

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