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Professor Fun Hu

Professor of Wireless Communications

Professor Fun Hu

What is your area of study/research?

My area of research is wireless communications network technology and applications.

What influenced you to study/research in your field?

I received several offers after graduating with a 1st class BSc Honours in Mathematical Sciences, including a bursary from the University of Cambridge to study for a post graduate taught course. However, I was attracted by the DTI studentship for a PhD degree in the then Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of the University of Bradford, as it was in the top 10 EEE departments in the UK.

What inspires you to continue in your field?

I worked as a System Engineer in a satellite consultancy firm after I completed my PhD but left one year later for a post-doctoral fellow post in the University of Leeds, and then Bradford.  I was fortunate enough to be able to work on a very good EU funded project, where  I gained some very valuable and fun experience in engineering.

What would you say to young females to encourage them to progress into your field?

Engineering is practical art; engineers are down-to-earth artists with imagination that knows no bounds. Engineering is philosophy in practice; engineers are practitioners of philosophy.

It is cool to wear high heels and make up to go to work as an engineer; it is even cooler when you see the products that  you designed are practical, useful, beneficial to mankind. There is a purpose that men and women are made different. Let’s make good use of these differences to shape and inspire the engineering world.    


I am the first female professor in engineering in the University of Bradford. When I was interviewed for my professorial title, I was asked what I understood about ‘equality’. I told the panel that I would definitely treat my male colleagues as equal. 

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