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Maria Sosnova

MEng Civil & Structural Engineering Student

Maria Sosnova

Back at home in Riga, Latvia I studied Transportation Engineering (construction of bridges and roads), after completing my 1st year I did a summer internship which I achieved through the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE). Spending a summer in Turkey while learning and working with amazing world-known companies and engineers on Izmit Orhangazi Suspension Bridge, Samanli Tunnel, different viaducts and road sections was a very valuable experience and inspired me to push harder. Soon after completing the internship I moved to the UK to continue my studies at the University of Bradford. Now I am working on my personal career development by attending ICE lectures and planning to start my portfolio.

There is a stereotype about unfemininity of construction industry, which in my opinion is untrue. Women in construction site or the office has a lot of respect. Moreover, being a civil or structural engineering requires not only analytical, but also creative thinking that improves problem solving skills. And girls, we are good at brainstorming, aren’t we?

Everyone has their perception and dreams. My dream is bridges and family houses, and having a background in biology, I’m interested in eco-friendly materials and maintenance solutions for the construction. There is no such thing as a boring or uninteresting field, especially in engineering. Engineering is art.

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