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Dr Roz Halliwell

Lecturer in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

Dr Roz Halliwell

What is your area of study/research?

Electronic Engineering

What influenced you to study/research in your field?

My father is an Electronic Engineer and as a result I enjoyed the electronics from a young age. Originally I started out studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge but changed to Electrical & Information Engineering in my third year, as I realised that’s where my true passion was.

What inspires you to continue in your field?

Continuing to teach the next generation of engineers and employing my skills in research is why motivates me.

What would you say to young females to encourage them to progress into your field?

If you enjoy mathematics and physics and also have a wish to develop real world solutions to problems then engineering is a great place to be. If the idea of developing ‘SMART’ systems to improve our lives fascinates you then think about electrical and electronic engineering.


My first two research students to graduate were both female and head of my research group is female. Which in the field that is probably one of the most male-dominated within engineering is a good place to be in. When I am out talking to young people about engineering it is great to get the response from girls in the audience who feel inspired by seeing a female who has succeeded in the area.

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