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Student Guide to Using TurnitinUK at Bradford

TurnitinUK logo.

TurnitinUK is an electronic submission service which checks your work for matching text in their database of students work, websites and electronic journals.

If you read an article and then use the thoughts and ideas from that article in your work, you should add a reference so that it is clear to readers where that idea has come from. This is a fair and acceptable use of academic work. If you don't add an appropriate reference, then it may be thought that you are unfairly claiming someone else's work as your own. The same holds true if you copy or collude with another student to produce your coursework.

TurnitinUK doesn't make any judgements about your work and whether anything has been plagiarised. This is a decision that your tutor will make. When you submit coursework at the University, you agree that you will not claim the work of others as your own. The full wording of this statement is given in Appendix 1.

Tutors are encouraged to let you see the Reports that TurnitinUK generates for your work. You can use this information to improve your referencing skills and the overall quality of your written work.