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TurnitinUK Assignment Submission

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Checks for plagiarism and collusion (text based files only!)
  • Supports anonymous marking
  • Supports online marking and feedback:
    • Mark is reflected in the Blackboard Grade Centre.
    • Students see feedback / mark via TurnitinUK or via 'My Grades'
  • Issues formal receipt of submission
  • Bulk download of submitted files possible
    • Can be used as an archive of submitted work and marked work
    • Submitted files are downloaded as a zip file
  • Module instructors can upload single or multiple files for the student(s), e.g.
    • If students are not able to access TurnitinUK for some reason
    • To check files submitted by an alternative method
  • Supports peer review / peer feedback
  • Feedback / mark can be added via TurnitinUK's GradeMark feature.
  • If a TurnitinUK rubric is used, the lecturer can indicate how the coursework meets the marking criteria.
  • Only accepts single files
  • Restricted text based file types, ie: MS Word (.doc, docx), WordPerfect (.wpd), PostScript (.eps), Portable Document Format (.pdf), HTML (.htm), Rich Text (.rtf) and Plain Text (.txt)
  • Used nationally so gets busy at peak assessment periods
  • Each submission over writes previous submission
  • Limited support if system fails
  • Use of assignment cover sheets can increase originality report percentage as common phrases are detected
    • Assignment cover sheets are not necessary as TurnitinUK uniquely identifies each paper

Staff Guide to Using TurnitinUK Assignments at Bradford