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50@50 - Our Flagship Carbon Saving Project

A part of the Bradford Excellence Programme, 50@50 is our flagship project for early delivery of our 2020 50% carbon reduction target in the universities 50th anniversary year.

The university carbon league table puts us at 9th meaning we are already high performers, we are pushing to get right to the top.

We are currently at 40% and have a programme of works to push us over the 50% saving, and be one of the first universities to cross this ambitious target.

50@50 performance graph


  • Building Management System – remotely controlling our buildings to maximise efficiency
  • Combined Heat and Power – generating electricity on site through gas engines and using the waste heat for the campus
  • Electricity Generation from renewables and generators to limit electricity charges at peak times
  • Water Reduction measures for all facilities
  • Find out about our Bradford Energy Quarter project.


  • Smart Grid – an evolution of our current electrical grid, using new technology to optimize the conservation and delivery of power
  • Shared District Heating – realising bigger efficiencies by working with other major local employers
  • Renewable Energy Generation – getting the most from low and zero carbon energy
  • LED Lighting and other ultra-efficient technology use
  • Find out about our world leading energy efficient buildings.


  • Partnership working across the university to create network of energy co-ordinators
  • Work with security and cleaners to be eyes and ears on the ground for savings opportunities
  • Focus on high energy use areas like laboratories
  • The 50@50 Challenge will engage all campus users to save energy
  • Find out about our GLEE Library refurbishment project.