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Asbestos Management

Estates and Facilities are charged by the University to manage asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) within the fabric of buildings on the University estate.  It is up to individual Faculties and Directorates to manage the asbestos in their equipment, guidance and support for this is provided by the Asbestos Officer and Asbestos Surveyor.  

The Asbestos Management Plan (pdf, 245KB) outlines the University's approach to managing asbestos.  Estates and Facilities staff must follow the Asbestos Management Procedure (pdf, 274KB).

When planning any works that may interfer with the fabric of a building please ensure the Asbestos Management Process Flow (pdf, 131KB) is followed to ensure the safety of those undertaking the work as well as those in the local area.

Asbestos Register

The electronic Asbestos Register is managed by the Asbestos Officer and the Asbestos Surveyor on behalf of Estates and Facilities.

Asbestos Sampling/Survey Request

If you require asbestos information please make a request on Estates and Facilities ServiceNow.  Please allow adequate time for the information to be collated as any samples required need to be analysied by an external laboratory and this takes a minimum of five working days.  If you have any questions please contact the Estates and Facilities Helpdesk on ext. 3001.

Asbestos Bulletins

Asbestos bulletins are released to inform all Estates and Facilities staff to the presence of any suspected ACMs that they may come into contact with.

Asbestos Bulletin Date Details 
Asbestos Bulletin 1 (pdf, 148KB)   22/10/09 Richmond Main Boiler House 
Asbestos Bulletin 2a (pdf, 102KB) 03/02/15 Horton A - ACMs removed
Asbestos Bulletin 3 (pdf, 112KB) 03/03/10 Chesham B Service Duct Entry Door
Asbestos Bulletin 4a (pdf, 99KB) 22/07/13 Chesham B Tower Tank Room - Amended
Asbestos Bulletin 5 (pdf, 103KB) 02/08/10 Richmond - Horton Service Duct 
Asbestos Bulletin 6a (pdf, 97KB) 12/10/10 Sports Centre - Amended 
Asbestos Bulletin 7a (pdf, 107KB) 03/02/15 Unity Building - Amended
Asbestos Bulletin 8a (pdf, 100KB) 03/02/15 Horton D D5.13 Riser - ACMs removed
Asbestos Bulletin 9a (pdf, 112KB) 16/08/11 Chesham C Risers
Asbestos Bulletin 10 (pdf, 94KB) 06/06/11 Richmond N Floor Radiators 
Asbestos Bulletin 11 (pdf, 103KB) 13/07/11 Horton D Plant Room
Asbestos Bulletin 12 (pdf, 107KB) 13/07/11 Health Centre
Asbestos Bulletin 13a (pdf, 121KB) 15/08/13 Chesham C Level 01 Riser - ACMs removed
Asbestos Bulletin 14a (pdf, 111KB) 15/08/13 Chesham C02.10 Plant Room - ACMs removed
Asbestos Bulletin 15 (pdf, 110KB)  03/02/12 Richmond all Floors - Debris now removed
Asbestos Bulletin 16a (pdf, 99KB) ‌‎‌‎  12/04/12

Richmond Carlton Wing - H37a Ladder Store - ACMs removed

Asbestos Bulletin 17 (pdf, 109KB)‌‎‎‌‎ 14/06/12

Richmond M & L Floors - Wall Panels

Asbestos Bulletin 18 (pdf, 111KB)  14/06/12

Richmond H Floor - H13 Server Room Ceiling Void

Asbestos Bulletin 19a (pdf, 163KB) 03/02/15

Chemical Store - Cylinder Store - ACMs removed

Asbestos Bulletin 20 (pdf, 92KB) 28/04/14

Richmond - Central Riser - ACMs Cleaned 

Asbestos Bulletin 21 (pdf, 103KB) 20/10/14

Horton D - D01.11 Plant Room - ACMs Cleaned

Asbestos Bulletin 22 (pdf, 161KB) 23/01/15

Phoenix South West - Ceiling Voids - Ceiling voids now cleaned

Asbestos Bulletin 23 (pdf, 267KB) 05/09/17 Cartwright - Riser (accessed via female toilets)
Asbestos Bulletin 24 (pdf, 191KB) 05/09/17 Cartwright - second floor store/ kitchen