Room Booking Request / External Speaker Notification

To be completed for all central room bookings except timetabled teaching, small internal meetings and pre-agreed official committee meetings. It must also be completed for any meeting or event with an external speaker other than guest lecturers on teaching or CPD courses.

  • This form must be used when booking a room for more than thirty people, or when any external speaker will attend. Organisers of complex or large events will be contacted for further information and asked to carry out a risk assessment.
  • The event and any room bookings requested are provisional until confirmed by the University.
  • After submitting the form, you can download it as a document for your records.
  • Know the legal implications of your event. You must read the Events Policy and the Code of Practice on the Conduct of Events.
  • You must submit your application at least two weeks before your event is due to begin, or 28 days before an event in the Great Hall or Horton Barn D01.27, or with over 200 participants. Such events may be asked to pay for Security staff.
  • We do not host events organised by external bodies (other than University partners) at the City Campus. Prospective external clients are advised to approach Heaton Mount.
  • Please leave blank any field that doesn't apply. Writing "N/A" or similar may lead the software to think you are declaring a risk when you don't mean to.

Fields marked are required.

The Applicant

The person named below will be the principal contact and the 'named person' in the Events Policy.

The Event or Meeting

Starting-date: : : :

In the timings given below, please use the 24-hour clock

Start: : :
End: : :
Activities: please tick ALL that apply

University services required: please tick ALL that apply

Expected numbers, including children: : :

Impact Assessment

The Equality Act 2010 defines these protected characteristics. Please tick the boxes against any characteristics that your event could discriminate against.

Gender segregation: University policy does not allow enforced gender segregation in most circumstances. If you wish your event to be considered for exemption, please declare a 'sex' impact below and give details in the comments field underneath. Please don't assume segregation is permitted without written confirmation from the University.

For more information about protected characteristics and how you should assess the event, please see this guidance (opens in new tab or window)

Please declare any equality impacts and give details below:

By submitting this form, you agree to take responsibility for planning and managing the event and for the safety of staff and participants throughout. You also confirm that all aspects of the event are disclosed above
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If the event changes in any way, you must inform