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Prayer Breaks During Assessment and Learning Activities


The University of Bradford prides itself on our inclusive learning, teaching and assessment strategy which upholds the key principles of confronting inequality and celebrating diversity. An example of adjustments we have made previously to enable students to observe religious activities include no scheduling of learning or assessment activities during Friday prayers. During the January 2012 assessment period, we received a number of direct requests from students asking to be allowed to leave their assessment activity in order to pray. Having sought advice from religious advisers and the wider UK Higher Education sector on this issue, the following recommendations are made for approval from SWCA.


  1. Students are not permitted to leave a scheduled learning or assessment activity in order to pray. Advice from local Imams, and practice from around the UK HE sector, suggests that students should pray before and after the scheduled activity rather than interrupting the activity in order to pray.
  2. The University will continue to observe the suspension of scheduling learning and assessment activities during the Friday prayer timeslot.
  3. The outcome of the discussion at SWCA be communicated at Learning and Teaching Committee and disseminated within Schools to ensure consistency across the Institution.


Becka Colley

Dean of Students

January 2012