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Arts on Campus

The Arts have always been a point at which the University and the city meet and offer an unrivalled opportunity for students to explore and engage with both the people and the places that surround them.

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Music at Bradford University

a.P.A.t.T. M@BU: Music at Bradford University has a wealth of diverse contemporary music that the M@BU programme taps into as well as bringing new and challenging music to the city.

Members of Bradford University Music Society use the Tasmin Little Music Centre on campus as a hub to meet and find out about what’s going on musically around the University and in the local area.

It’s also used as a practice space for members, hosting performances, workshops, open groups and ensembles.

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Gallery II

Yan Wang - Leap Year. ‌Gallery II plays a key cultural role on campus and in the city through themed exhibitions, events, partnership projects and artist residencies.

Its visual arts policy is committed to promoting excellence, research and education and aims to reflect the University and city’s diverse communities amongst whom it regularly works.

Gallery II also manages the display, loan and hire of the University’s permanent art collection.

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Theatre in the Mill

Theatre bar. The Theatre in the Mill is one of the most important small scale venues in the North of England, offering support and opportunities for innovative artists to make new work, investigate that within a social context and connect it to the wider world. 

The theatre is an important national player and has increasing international connections. 

Central to the development of all its work is that the audience inform and enlighten artists as they create, offering a totally unique opportunity for students at the University of Bradford.

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Arts on Campus team

The Arts on Campus team, based at the University of Bradford with strands in Visual Art, Music and Theatre, ensures that students, staff and the wider community are exposed to new and meaningful cultural experiences both on and off campus. The team do this in many ways:

  • Through the commissioning and showing of exhibitions and performances unique to the University
  • By the support of student arts societies; by the provision of talks, discussions and workshops
  • By signposting the rich arts and cultural offer in Bradford. 

This wide ranging programme of work is run by experts in their own field called Fellows (or Artistic Directors) whose role is to create, innovate and challenge as well as to support broad ranging social; engagement through the arts.

Fellowships in the Arts have played a central role in the University’s educational fabric since it was founded 50 years ago encouraging self-reliance, interaction and a broader understanding of community amongst the student body.

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