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The Content Team

The Content team is at the creative and strategic centre of generating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent material to our many audiences and markets.

We give the University’s audiences content they want to consume, rather than avoid. Rich content that leads to awareness, knowledge, and action. Content that the audience finds useful and shareable.

Through our content we aim to build an ongoing relationship with our audiences and tell the story of the University of Bradford - our work, our people, and the city as a great place to study and live.

What is content?

When you ask the questions:

  • what’s in it?
  • what shall we include?
  • what will it look like?
  • what should we say about it?
  • what shall it contain?

If you're talking about a piece of marketing communications material, you're talking about content!

Content can be anything created and distributed by the University, but what we mean by the term is communication that engages, interests, and integrates with the target audience’s activity. It also has to be considered ‘valuable’ by the target audience.

People respond better to visual information over plain text, and for that reason content relies heavily on visual elements. Humans are visual creatures - nearly 90% of the information submitted to the brain is visual, with images processing 60 thousand times faster than text (Zabisco) and 65% of the population are visual learners ( 

Why focus on content?

In this multi-channel, multi-device world, it is hard to engage with our audience and be visible, but producing fantastic rich, focused content will make the University stand out.

It helps people find our website, see our social media posts, pick up our print - and ultimately trust us and see us as thought leaders. 

How can we help you?

If you need help with content, or just want to find out more about how we can help and what we do, contact someone in the team.