Support for Students with Dependants

Help from the Government

There is a range of support available from the Government for students with children or adult dependants, such as:

If you pay for registered childcare, you may be eligible to receive up to 85% of the cost through the Childcare Grant (maximum of £150.23 per week for 1 child or £257.55 per week for 2 or more children).

Students with children can also claim Child Tax Credit - for further information go to (external link)

Students with dependants who are eligible for means-tested benefits e.g. loan parents, will receive a Special Support Grant from the Government in place of the Maintenance Grant. The two grants are essentially the same in value; the major difference is that students on the Special Support Grant will be able to access the maximum value of student loan for maintenance.

The total support package available is not easy to understand, but is tailored to each individual, so for more information you will need to go to the Student Finance Service.

More information

For more details about support for students with dependants go to the Student Finance website (external link).

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