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Pensions Auto Enrolment

October 2013

Q. What is Auto Enrolment?

A. The government has introduced new legislation which requires employers to enrol all eligible employees into a work place pension scheme.

Q. Who is an 'eligible employee'?

A. Staff members who are between 22 and state pensions age, are based in the UK, have earnings of more than £787 per month and who are not already in a Scheme will be affected.

Q. I am already in USS/West Yorkshire Pension Fund, am I affected?

A. No. Your membership in USS or the West Yorkshire Pension Fund will continue as normal.

Q. What Scheme will I be Auto Enrolled into?


  • For staff on Grades 1 to 6: 
    • If you are not in WYPF, and meet the above criteria, you will be auto enrolled into NEST (National Employment Savings Trust). The University has chosen NEST as our minimum compliance scheme for auto enrolment purposes.
  • For staff on Grade 7 and above: 
    • If you are not in either USS or WYPF, and meet the above criteria, you will be auto enrolled into USS. (

Q. How much will NEST cost me?

A. If you are auto enrolled into NEST, you will pay a 1% contribution on your earnings above £473 per month. For example, if you earn £1000 per month, you will pay a contribution of £5.27 per month. (£1000 - £473 x 1%)

Q. Does the University contribute to NEST too?

A. Yes, the University matches your 1% contribution.

Q. Can I Opt Out of the Scheme?

A. Yes you can opt out of the Scheme. If you opt out within 30 days of receiving the communication you can receive a refund of your contribution.

Q. How do I Opt Out of NEST?

A. If you have been auto enrolled into NEST you will receive confirmation of this via email or by post. This confirmation will contain instructions on how to opt out. The University is not allowed to assist with the Opt Out process.

Q. Who do I contact for more information?

A. You can send any auto enrolment queries to or alternatively call Ben Petty on ext. 3144.