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‌Financial Regulations, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

The University's financial policies and procedures set out precisely how the Financial Regulations Dec 2017 (PDF, 379KB) will be applied in specific working practices.

The Financial policies establish the principles and expected standards by which activities or operational areas of work are to be controlled and managed. Financial procedures provide more detailed description of the standards required within a specific process and prescribe how University policy should be implemented when performing specific tasks.

All staff connected with the University are expected to comply with financial policies and procedures when conducting business on behalf of the University.

All our policies, procedures and guidelines can be found on this page with a direct link to the document.


Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy (Pdf, 46.9kb) Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy (Word, 35.7kb)
Anti Money Laundering Policy Anti Money Laundering Policy (pdf, 76.2kb) Anti Money Laundering Policy (word, 205kb)
Anti-Fraud Policy (2016) Anti-Fraud policy March 2016 (Pdf,419kb) Anti-Fraud Policy March 2016 (doc, 213kb)
Business Case Guidance Notes Business Case Guidance Notes (pdf, 77.4kb) Business Case Guidance Notes (word, 196kb)
Code of Practice on Serious Financial Misconduct and Irregularities Code of practice on Serious Financial Misconduct and Irregularities (pdf 94.2) Code of Practice on Serious Financial Misconduct and Irregularities (word 208kb)
Credit Control & Debt Management Policy (2013) Credit Control & Debt Management policy (docx.207kb) Credit Control & Debt Management Policy (doc, 212kb) 
Hospitality Policy Hospitality Policy (Pdf, 63.8kb) Hospitality Policy (Word, 198kb)
Long Term Investment Policy Long Term Investment Policy (Doc, 53.4kb) Long Term Investment Policy (Doc, 53.4kb)
Petty Cash Procedure Petty Cash procedure (pdf, 53.3kb) Reviewed 2013 Petty cash procedure (Word, 78.0kb) Reviewed 2013
Procurement Strategy (June 2017) Procurement Strategy 2017 (pdf, 247kb) Procurement Strategy 2017 (doc,199kb)
Risk Management Policy Risk Policy 2015/16 (pdf, 105kb) Nov 2015

 Nov 2015

Schedule of Delegation Schedule of delegation, Dec 2105 (Pdf,155kb)  Schedule of Delegation, Dec 2015 (doc.20.7kb)
Travel & Expenses Policy (Sept 2017) Travel Policy (pdf, 210KB)

Travel Policy (word, 350kb)

Treasury Management Policy Treasury Management Policy (pdf, 50.7kb) Jan 2013 Treasury Management Policy (word, 199kb) Jan 2013
Value For Money Policy

Value For Money Policy (Pdf, 80kb)

VAT Guidelines

Vat Guidelines (pdf, 7.67kb) ‌ (2013)