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Powers of the University Council

  1. Subject to the provisions of the Charter, to make Statutes and Ordinances.
  2. To appoint a Chair and, at its discretion, a Vice-Chair.
  3. To co-opt members of the Council as provided for under Statute 15(1)(IX).
  4. To nominate jointly with the Senate persons for appointment as Chancellor.
  5. To appoint, subject to the Charter and the Statutes, the Pro-Chancellors, the Vice-Chancellor, the Treasurer, the Pro-Vice-Chancellors, the Deans, the Registrar and the person with prime managerial responsibility across the University for learning resources.
  6. To authorise, on the recommendation of the Senate, the creation of academic posts in the University.
  7. To set up or to dissolve, on the recommendation of the Senate, Consultative Panels to act as consultants to the Senate; the School Boards, the Vice-Chancellor; and such other members of the academic staff as may be determined by the Senate and with such constitution and terms of reference as may be determined by the Senate.
  8. To institute Degrees on the recommendation of the Senate.
  9. To grant, after report from the Senate, the title of Emeritus Professor or other University distinctions.
  10. To suspend or abolish, on the recommendation of the Senate, any academic post except any post named in paragraph (5) hereof.
  11. To determine the conditions of appointment of the all staff of the University.
  12. To appoint, subject to the provisions of the Statutes and on the recommendation of the Senate, all members of the academic staff of the University.
  13. To regulate the appointment of all other members of the University staff, and to supervise the salaries and conditions of tenure of posts to which it appoints.
  14. To review the work of the University and, subject to the powers of the Senate, to take such steps as it thinks proper for the purpose of advancing the interests of the University, maintaining its efficiency, encouraging teaching, the pursuit of learning and the prosecution of research therein, and providing for the recreation and welfare of students and staff.
  15. To oversee the University’s strategic planning processes; to approve the University’s corporate plan.
  16. To determine, after consulting the Senate, all University fees.
  17. To institute, after consulting the Senate and subject to any conditions made by the founders, Fellowships, Scholarships, Studentships, Prizes, Exhibitions and Bursaries and other aids to study and research.
  18. To govern, manage and regulate the finances, accounts, investments, property, business and all affairs whatsoever of the University, and for that purpose to appoint Bankers and any other officers or agents whom it may seem expedient to appoint, provided that before determining any question of finance which directly affects the educational policy of the University the Council shall take into consideration any recommendation or report by the Senate.
  19. To invest any moneys belonging to the University in such stocks, funds, fully paid shares or securities as the Council shall from time to time think fit, whether within the United Kingdom or not, or in the purchase of freehold or leasehold hereditaments in the United Kingdom including rents, provided that in the case of moneys held by the University as trustee, the powers conferred in this paragraph shall be exercised subject to the provisions of the law relating to investment by trustees.
  20. To sell, buy, exchange, lease and accept leases of real and personal property on behalf of the University.
  21. To provide and maintain the buildings, premises, furniture and apparatus and other means necessary for carrying out the work of the University.
  22. To borrow money on behalf of the University and for that purpose, if the Council thinks fit, to mortgage or charge all or part of the property of the University, whether real or personal, and to give such other security as the Council shall think fit.
  23. To enter into, vary and discharge contracts on behalf of the University.
  24. To provide for the welfare of all persons in the employment of the University or formerly in the employment of the University (or of the Institute) and the wives, widows and dependants of such persons including the payment of money, pensions, or other payments and to subscribe to benevolent and other funds for the benefit of such persons.
  25. By Regulation to establish committees including representatives of the students and representatives of the Council and such other persons as the Council may determine and to prescribe the method of appointment of such representatives and the functions of such committees.
  26. To select a Seal and a Mace for the University and to have the sole custody and use of the Seal.
  27. To regulate and superintend the conduct of the students of the University, and to determine by Regulation in what manner disciplinary powers shall be exercised.
  28. Except in cases for which other provision is expressly made or the Chair of Council takes the view that no grievance falling within the purview of the Council is evident, to consider, adjudicate upon and if thought fit redress any grievance of the officers of the University, the staff of the University, whether academic or not, the graduates and the students who may for any reason feel aggrieved otherwise than by an act of the Court.
  29. Subject to the Provisions of the Charter, to make Ordinances with regard to all such matters as are directed by the Charter and the Statutes and such other matters as the Council shall think fit.
  30. To exercise all the powers which by the Charter or the Statutes are conferred upon the University but which are not conferred specifically upon any other body or person within the University.