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University Charter and Statutes

The University of Bradford is a chartered institution whose Royal Charter was awarded in 1966 through the Privy Council.  The constitutional framework within which the University operates is based upon its Charter and Statutes and Ordinances. 

The Charter and Statutes have been amended to reflect developments and changes within the University.  These were approved by the Privy Council in July 2015.


The Charter defines the objects, powers, officers and statutory bodies of the University.  It defines the University as a teaching, research and examining body and includes such fundamental powers as that of awarding degrees.

Earlier Versions


The Statutes prescribe details containing members of the University, the powers of the Council and the membership and function of statutory bodies (including the Court, the Council and the Senate)

Earlier Versions


The University's Ordinances and its Ordinances for taught courses are available for viewing.