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Before you graduate from University of Bradford


  • Book your place via e:Vision and request guest tickets (max. 2)
  • Inform of any special requirements
  • Order your gown
  • Pre-order photographs if required (not compulsory, can be purchased on the day)
  • Order additional guest tickets, if required, during advertised release period
Frequently Asked Questions


The University photographers' studio will be located in the Sports Hall and we recommend you visit after your ceremony.  It will be open 08:00-19:00 on Wednesday 6 and 08:00-16:30 on Thursday 7 December 2017.  

Please visit the University's official photographer's website for information and to pre-book your Graduation photography.

Your photograph will also be taken when you receive your certificate on stage. Your guests may take photographs during the ceremony but should remain seated throughout.


  • If you are attending your ceremony in person your certificate will be presented to you on stage during the ceremony. *
  • If you choose to graduate in absentia your certificate will be sent to you, or can be collected from MyBradford at Richmond in the Richmond Building approximately one week after the ceremonies have taken place.
  • If you wish to have someone collect your certificate on your behalf please provide the details on the e:Vision reply process.
  • Certificates are sent by regular first class post or air mail. If you want your certificate to be sent by courier we can arrange this for a charge of £20.00. Payment will need to be made at Payzone either in person, or by calling +44 (0) 1274 233137 / 3138 quoting the reference 'CER - DHL', or alternatively via our estore online payment facility (DHL Postage - Graduation Ceremonies). Please ensure you pay before 8 December 2017.
  • If you have ordered a DHL delivery through e:Vision your certificate will be dispatched approximately one week after the ceremony (after successful payment).
  • If you have ordered a DHL delivery through other means you MUST inform us via the email address below so that we may track your payment.
  • If you choose to defer graduation, your certificate will not be issued until the time of the future ceremony and will be dated accordingly.  It is not possible to issue certificates until the award has been officially conferred at a ceremony.  The deadline for students wishing to defer to the July 2018 ceremonies is 23 November 2017.

If you have an outstanding debt your certificate may not be issued until the amount has been paid in full.

If you have any queries please email: 

Booking your place

Undergraduate and postgraduate students who are expected to complete their courses and be assessed at a final exam board before 17 November 2017 will be invited to the December 2017 Graduation Ceremonies

You must let us know whether or not you wish to attend the ceremony by completing the e:Vision reply process by the deadline of 3 November 2017 even if your final results have not been announced.  Your ceremony invitation is not an indication that you have qualified for an award.

You will receive an email and text message confirming when the e:Vision task for booking your place at the ceremony is available.

Once you receive notification:

  1. Log into e:Vision where you will find your graduation ceremony invitation in the 'To Do List' tab. Click on 'My invite to the December 2017 Graduation Ceremonies' and complete the task.  You will be able to choose the option to attend the ceremony, graduate in absentia or defer to the July 2018 ceremonies. The deadline to defer to the July 2018 Graduation Ceremonies is 23 November 2017 * The MyBradford staff are unable to assist with login problems, these should be directed to Student IT Services or Tel: 01274 233333.

    *The option to defer is not available to students who deferred from July 2017.

  2. When confirming your booking via e:Vision you may apply for up to TWO free guest tickets. The graduand place is also free of charge - you do not need to request a ticket for yourself.

  3. If extra guest tickets are available they will be sold prior to the ceremony at £10.00 per ticket. There is a limit of two extra tickets per graduand. Spare tickets will be available to purchase on-line only - ticket sales will be approximately one week prior to the graduation ceremonies.

    Please note: there is no guarantee that any spare tickets will be available.

  4. You will receive an email to confirm that you have registered attendance at your ceremony. There is no need to contact Student Registry Services for further confirmation unless you feel there is a problem. You must complete the e:Vision reply process in full and click the 'confirm update' button on the final step. If you fail to complete it in full you will not receive a confirmation email.

  5. All tickets are collected on the day of your ceremony; they will not be posted to you. You will receive an email regarding tickets approximately one week prior to the ceremony which you should bring with you to registration.

  6. If you have any special requirements, for instance that you do not wish to shake the Chancellor's / Vice-Chancellor's hand, please let us know in advance by emailing


No Access to e:Vision?

If you no longer have access to e:Vision, please download the reply form, complete and return to the Exams, Assessment and Award Team (see form for details)

Graduation Reply Form December 2017 (docx)

Graduation Reply Form December 2017 (pdf)



To cancel your place at the ceremony, please email before the ceremonies. 

For students who do not pass, if appropriate you will be invited to attend a future graduation ceremony.

* The option to defer is not available to students who deferred from July 2017*

To arrange a refund for your gown or photography please contact the following - before the ceremonies (please see the companies' Terms and Conditions for their cancellation policy in relation to refunds):

Gown Hire: Success

Photography: Success Photography

Booking guest tickets

Graduand's ticket

All graduand tickets are free of charge. Your graduand ticket will be issued when you register for your ceremony on the day of your graduation and will contain your seat number. Stewards in the Great Hall will guide you to your seat which will be labelled with your name and seat number.

Guest tickets

Due to the limited capacity of the Hall, when replying to your ceremony invitation you may apply for a maximum of two guests tickets within the Great Hall, free of charge.

Additional guest tickets

Once all the final results have been processed, approximately one week prior to the ceremony, the number of spare tickets for each ceremony is calculated. Availability of spare tickets is not guaranteed and is dependant on ceremony capacity. Spare tickets will be available to purchase online only and we will email you with the details of when they are due to go on sale.

This will be approximately one week prior to the ceremony. Please note: There is no guarantee that any spare tickets will be available and these are limited to two per graduand.

Prior to the days of the ceremonies, no graduand will be able to obtain a total of more than Four guest tickets for the Great Hall (two free/two purchased)

Screening venue

The ceremonies will also be broadcast on a screen in the Horton Barn for guests who do not have tickets for the Great Hall.

Tickets for the screening are free of charge and are only available on the day of the ceremony from the Registration Desk in the Small Hall. Tickets are limited to four tickets per graduand and are issued strictly first come first served.

Ticket collection

All tickets are collected on the day of the ceremony, at registration; they are not posted to you. Admission to the ceremony is by ticket only and entry will be refused to non-ticket holders.

Please note that once the ceremony begins the Hall doors will be closed and no further admittance will be allowed.

Disabled access

Transport and parking

Bradford is well served by public transport, having good bus services and two train stations nearby. The local council also has a number of wheelchair-accessible taxis. 

The University of Bradford has car parking facilities available, but there are some restrictions which form part of our support for an environmental policy on car use.

If you are a blue badge holder you will have access to parking bays located in the visitors' car park near to the entrance of Richmond Building on City Campus.

You will need to enter the campus via the barrier on Tumbling Hill Street to be able to access these.

Please inform us of the blue badge number by Friday 1 December 2017 - please please email

On campus

Assistance is available on campus as necessary to access gowning, photography and catering facilities.

The majority of the University campus is wheelchair accessible, despite the difficulties of having changes in level. 

The Great Hall, where the ceremonies take place, can be accessed by taking the lift to the first floor (D floor) and entering the hall via the side doors facing onto the Atrium.

Stewards will be on hand to assist students and guests to their seats.

Access to the stage

Access to the stage for graduands is by a flight of steps.

If you are unable to climb the steps, arrangements can be made for access via the lift and seating arranged on the platform. Please provide details of any requirements on your e:Vison reply form

Access to guest seating area

Access to guest level seating can be made via the Great Hall side doors facing the Atrium.

When completing the e:Vision reply form please include details of wheelchair users and any guests with other mobility problems for whom level access seating is required

Additional requirements

If you and/or your guests require particular seating arrangements due to a disability, you must ensure that full details are provided when completing your reply form.

These details are important to ensure that the appropriate arrangements are made.

If you need to contact us directly regarding any requirements please email

Dress code

The graduation ceremonies are an official occasion and although there is no formal dress code smart dress is required.

For ease of fitting your gown it is recommended that you wear a shirt/blouse with buttons.

Gown hire

Graduates banner

The academic dress you wear at your ceremony is unique to the University of Bradford and denotes the title of the award you have obtained.

On the day of your ceremony you should wear smart dress and for ease of fitting your gown it is recommended that you wear a shirt/blouse with buttons. Please note you cannot participate in the Graduation Ceremony without academic dress.

Your gown must be ordered from (University's robe makers) Success. The deadline for online orders is two weeks before the Graduation Ceremonies.

There is also a link to the gown hire website on the e:Vision ceremony reply service (further details to follow).

Gowns can be ordered online; if you have any queries please telephone Success (+44 (0)1264 339 706).   

Please note that there is a limited stock of gowns to hire on the day of your ceremony but payment on the day must be made in cash (£44).

It is important that you hire your gown as you are unable to graduate at a graduation ceremony without it.

Gowns should be collected from the Norcroft Centre on the day of your ceremony.

Accommodation for family and friends

There are lots of hotels in and around Bradford.

Find more details on our local hotels page, and on the Visit Bradford website.

Travel information and parking

The graduation ceremonies are held on the University's main city campus. The campus maps and directions section has details of how to travel to the University by road, rail, air and on foot.

When travelling to Bradford on the day of your graduation ceremony it is very important that you allow plenty of time to make your journey.

We recommend that you allow sufficient time to travel to the venue (Great Hall on City Campus) with ample time to collect your ceremony tickets, along with the graduation robing and photography.

If travelling from London we recommend that you leave approximately 5 hours prior to the event.


There will be limited parking available on City Campus on graduation ceremony days and this is provided on a first come, first served basis. Alternatively, details of local car parks are on our Car Park Map (pdf, 172KB).

Parking is also available for guests who are Blue Badge holders provided that you inform us of the badge number by Friday 1 December 2017.

If you have any queries regarding this please contact us urgently:


Travelling from overseas

If you or your guests are travelling from overseas and require a travel visa please visit Student Registry Services in MyBradford - Student Support Centre or email

You will need to provide staff with the following information for each person travelling:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • passport number
  • dates of travel (& duration of stay in the UK)

MyBradford - Student Services is open:

Term time

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00-12:15 and 13:00-16:45
  • Thursday: 10:00-12:15 and 13:00-16:45

Out of term

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00-12:15 and 13:00-15:00
  • Thursday: 10:00-12:15 and 13:00-15:00

 If you are travelling during the discretionary period of your student Tier 4 visa; please refer to our Visa Support information for guidance.


It is important to note when making travel arrangements that only two guest tickets are guaranteed. Any spare tickets will be available to purchase online approximately one week prior to the ceremony.

You should also avoid making travel arrangements if you do not have confirmation that you have successfully completed your studies.

The issue of an invitation to attend the ceremony does not mean that you have passed.

The University cannot be held responsible should you need to cancel your travel plans due to failure to successfully complete your studies.

Data Protection information

The names of all graduands are published in a Graduation Booklet and printed on T-shirts available to purchase at the ceremonies.

If you do not wish your name to be included it is your responsibility to contact us. Please email us before 23rd November 2017:

If you are attending the ceremony in person your photograph will be taken whilst you are on stage receiving your award.

These images will be available to view on the day of the ceremony and may also be published online.

The ceremonies are broadcast on the internet, live link to external screens and are recorded for distribution on DVD. By attending the ceremony you and your guests are consenting to be included in this broadcast.

If you have any questions please email us