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Smoke Free on Campus

As part of our commitment to the wellbeing of students, staff and visitors from 1 September 2010 most areas of our campuses are designated as "Smoke Free". This means that people are not allowed to smoke within the boundaries outlined below:

 Campus Exclusion Zones Adobe PDF Document 
 Main Campus  Main Campus Map (pdf, 91KB)
 School of Management  SoM Campus Map (pdf, 57KB)

More details about the new arrangements are described in:

Document Title Adobe PDF Document Word Document 
 No Smoking Policy  No Smoking Policy  

If you would like this opportunity to help quitting smoking then go to or call 0800 022 4 332.

What do the new arrangements mean to you.

The previous no-smoking arrangements prohibiting smoking inside buildings or in close proximity to doors and windows has been extended to include large areas of public space around and between buildings on all campuses.

Entrances to the smoking exclusion zones are being clearly marked with signage to indicate the perimeter of the smoking exclusion zone. Smokers are requested to use the cigarette bins provided at these points to extinguish their cigarettes and help maintain a clean and tidy campus.

Compliance with the No Smoking Policy will be continually monitored and action taken where appropriate.