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Faculty Vision

The Faculty's vision is to engage in transformational education and research and to develop caring, competent, critically aware and respectful professionals who are capable of becoming the leaders of the future. Working alone or collaboratively they will ensure safe, high quality care and services.

We aim to:

  • Produce competent, critical, reflective and accountable health care professionals equipped to work in a multicultural context
  • Provide a learning environment that embraces diversity, facilitates widening participation and flexibility, and minimises attrition
  • Ensure that clinical competence in relevant programmes utilises current best evidence
  • Enable students to meet their full potential through the acquisition of skills and knowledge in a coherent and developmental manner throughout their programme of study
  • Ensure that physical and virtual learning environments, both academic and clinical, are effective and meet student needs and promote interprofessional learning
  • Enable students to acquire key skills associated with employability, enterprise, sustainable development and with independent and life-long learning
  • Provide flexible, responsive educational opportunities for students using state of the art technological innovation and supportive administrative services and processes
  • Foster a culture of co-operation and collaboration between the student body and staff to maximise the student voice
  • Enhance the capabilities of leaders and managers and promote and support staff development opportunities which are aligned to organisational and personal aims
  • Promote public and patient involvement in the life of the Faculty including governance, research, knowledge transfer and curriculum design, delivery and evaluation
  • Continue to engage collaboratively with the health and social care sectors and seek out opportunities to work with new partners
  • Seek opportunities to work with a wider range of public and private partners
  • Be an academic Faculty of first choice for highly talented staff
  • Retain staff through transparent, equitable and supportive working practices that recognise excellence and promotes well being
  • Achieve a diverse student body and staff profile
  • Promote a sense of citizenship in a multicultural society amongst students and staff through Faculty governance, curriculum design and delivery of education, research and knowledge transfer
  • Ensure that all activities of the Faculty are sustainable and governed by sound financial management practices