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Chris Morgan

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy (2000)

Chris Morgan

Chris is Head of Physiotherapy at Liverpool FC. We asked Chris some questions about his time studying Physiotherapy at the Faculty of Health Studies, University of Bradford.

What was your reason for coming to study at Bradford?

I had heard a lot about Bradford in terms of the Physiotherapy school there so the course itself was a definite attraction. Before I finished my A-level results I had a choice between Bradford & Coventry and in the end I went with the course which I felt would give me the best chance of success. I remember coming for an interview and finding the lecturers really friendly and the students doing the tours of the building really welcoming so in the end the choice was easy for me.

Did you enjoy your time at Bradford?

Without doubt my 3 years as a student at Bradford were among the most enjoyable of my life. Living in Bradford for a student was relatively cheap so we maximised student life from a social point of view. Because the university is relatively small it had a real family feel to it in that it genuinely felt like you knew everybody. Following graduation I continued to live just outside Bradford and my first job was actually in Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust where I completed my junior and senior 2 rotations. All in all I spent 7 years in Bradford (including 3 as a student) and wouldn’t swap my time there for anything.

How would you describe the education and support you received at the University?

The physiotherapy degree at Bradford is consistently rated as one of the best in the country and that certainly reflects my experiences there. By the time of my graduation I felt fully equipped to enter the clinical world and function as a junior member of staff. If anything it was just the beginning of my learning, I have since gone on to complete an MSc in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and continue to strive to improve through working practice and CPD every day.

What do you do for a living now?

I am the Head of Physiotherapy at Liverpool Football Club. 

I am just approaching my 10th season at the club having initially joined as Reserve Team physiotherapist before progressing through to my current role, a post I have held for 2 seasons. Obviously my time at the club means I have become very specialised in sports physiotherapy and in particular in professional Football. My role as part of large sports medicine and science team is to maximise player availability and enhance performance within the first team squad.

(For more details on Chris' day to day responsibilities, please click here.)

What was your most memorable moment as a student?

There were lots!! But I would probably put my 4 week optional placement in Queensland sandwiched in between an extended period of travel down the east coast of Australia with 5 other members of the course as no.1

What is your lasting impression of the University of Bradford?

My lasting impressions of Bradford are all positive. I had an amazing time there and emerged an adult ready to work having arrived as an 18 year old who had never spent more than  a week away from home. Bradford set me off on the journey which has ended with me working at one of the biggest clubs in the world with some of the best players on a daily basis; I never for once dreamt that would be possible. I made friendships there which will last a lifetime and at least once a year we still meet up in Bradford for a catch-up; I wouldn’t swap it for anywhere.