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David Adebayo

MSc Medical Imaging

David Adebayo

David qualified as a diagnostic radiographer in Nigeria in 1993. In 2005 he moved to Ireland to work at the Mercy University Hospital, Cork, employed as a senior radiographer in computed tomography, interventional radiology, general radiography and fluoroscopy.

He wanted to undertake postgraduate study in-part to accelerate his career progression, but also because of a passion to advance his professional knowledge, develop new skills and be part of current advancements in the profession. David wanted "to be a true professional, to know “why you do what you do” and have a solid foundation upon which you can structure (or re-structure) practice. These ambitions can only be achieved by undertaking post graduate studies."

Why David chose the University of Bradford

"The University of Bradford has a prestigious reputation for postgraduate courses in diagnostic radiography. The way the courses are designed to suit the needs of working radiographers and their employers is particularly appealing."

"It is one of the few universities with well recognised courses in my specialty of interest i.e. CT. The courses have well-structured clinical and theoretical input. In particular, in-depth practical / clinical input is a pre-requisite for a pass on the courses."

Studying with the University of Bradford

David initially completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Imaging (Computed Tomography). He went on to complete the Medical Image Reporting course, focusing on head CT reporting, and he continues his studies towards completing the MSc Medical Imaging programme in Spring 2017.

As part of the programme he is currently pursuing a systematic review on “Diagnostic accuracy of brain CT perfusion in the prediction of haemorrhagic transformation and patient’s outcome in acute ischaemic stroke”.

"I have particularly enjoyed case presentations, as it allows one to share with and learn from colleagues. I have had good professional / clinical support throughout my studies and feel I have developed a sound theoretical knowledge base, alongside improvements in academic writing skills."

"The courses are designed such that you receive clinical support for practice based learning undertaken through my employer, and theoretical support from the university - with tutors that help you integrate the two."

"Something that stands out from my studies is despite being the only student focusing on head CT reporting in the medical image reporting module, I did not feel left out of the larger group because of the way the module was designed, and the availability of relevant external tutors. In addition, feedback from supervisor / tutors was always prompt and constructive."

The impact of postgraduate study upon his career

"My studies have had a significant impact on my professional approach to work, and in advancing my career."

"My new medical image interpretation knowledge has clearly enhanced the professional recognition & respect for my opinion / contributions from other healthcare discipline teams. Although radiographers are not currently actively involved in radiographic image interpretation in Ireland (except partially in ultrasound), I am confident that we will get there especially in view of the increasing demand for imaging, and staff shortages. Alternatively, my new skills can take me anywhere in the world, that’s the beauty of it!"

"Hopefully when the MSc is completed, I will have succeeded in contributing to the body of knowledge in neuro-imaging, which may well propel me into new areas / career opportunities."

Advice to those considering studying at postgraduate level

"The number of people in our profession is so small, in comparison to other medical and allied professions, that we need as many of us as possible going into postgraduate studies to ensure sustenance and progression of the profession – that includes you!"

"Getting appropriate support will make things a lot easier; this may include clinical support from your employer, funding, family and the university postgraduate team. Be sure to choose a course that you really have interest in (and a university that offers the kind of support you need) - you will find that you will actually enjoy studying."

"Postgraduate study is always worth it in the end; quantifiable in terms of personal satisfaction, professional development, monetary benefits, career growth and professional respect / recognition."