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We have been working in partnership with Bupa Care Services since 2010 to develop a sustainable programme of workforce development across all of Bupa’s dementia care homes.


  • To develop a bespoke programme of training focussed on putting the Person First … dementia second
  • To create a sustainable model for implementation across the organisation


We have:

  • Developed the Person First … dementia second The Essentials Workbook which is delivered to small groups of staff by a peer mentor from the care home. This workbook is delivered to every member of care home staff and provides an essential grounding in the principles of person-centred care
  • Developed a range of Dementia Essentials Core Modules designed to give particular staff groups a more detailed grounding in areas of dementia care such as positive communication, person-centred care planning and meaningful activities
  • Developed a model for training selected Bupa staff from each care home to become Person First Coaches. The Person First Coach facilitates the core modules sessions within their workplace and acts as a role model for other staff
  • Developed an annual Celebrating Success day for Person First Coaches where they can come together to receive continuing professional development for their role as well as sharing their successes to date with fellow Coaches


We have drawn on theoretical and best practice knowledge from:

  • Adult learning
  • Training in health and social care
  • Our 20 years of experience of delivering dementia training and education


To date over 11,000 workbooks have been distributed to Bupa’s dementia care homes. We have trained over 250 Person First Coaches. We have evidence from staff working in the care homes that the training has made an impact on their practice.

This work represents a true partnership between The University of Bradford and Bupa Care Services.

We continue to work together on a range of new courses, training materials and research projects. We have appointed Graham Stokes, Bupa’s Director of Dementia Care as an Honorary Visiting Professor in Person-centred Dementia Care