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Diversity Management Careers 

Globalisation and increasing domestic diversity in the UK and elsewhere have led to the emergence of diversity management as a key skill area for professionals.

Employers in a variety of sectors increasingly require individuals capable of addressing the challenges of working with diverse employee and customer bases. Some individuals working with diversity may simply be general managers who handle diverse groups of employees or customers and who work in virtually any type of organisation.

Others have roles more specific to diversity which involve the development of strategy and implementation of initiatives to ensure equitable employment practices, the design and implementation of diversity training initiatives, or the oversight of discrimination and unfair practice complaints. These individuals typically work in large organisations including local authorities, central government departments, trade unions, universities and colleges, the police and armed forces, NHS Trusts, financial institutions and national businesses, as well as within the voluntary sector. International organisations also increasingly employ people who are skilled in diversity management to facilitate working with individuals across national borders.

Awards in Diversity Management available from the University of Bradford include an MSc, PG Diploma, and PG Certificate. Individuals may also opt to take individual modules rather than committing to a full course. Modules address management, leadership, and cross-cultural communication in national and global contexts. The courses adopt a holistic approach to diversity covering a wide range of perspectives and cultural markers including sex, age, race, colour, ethnic or national origins, gender identity, disability, religious or political beliefs and affiliations, marital status, family responsibilities, sexual orientation, and other distinctions. The courses cover all protected rights covered by the Equality Act (2010) and other international legislative drivers and policies including the European Council Directives.

With these qualifications individuals may pursue a wide range of roles in human resources, management and customer service as well as roles more specific to the field such as Equality and Diversity Officer, Manager, or Director. They may also pursue roles within organisations that promote social justice, democracy, and human rights.

The courses are run by the Centre for Inclusion and Diversity which is known for its work in applied research. The courses are designed for those interested in establishing or advancing their careers in this area of expanding opportunity.

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