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Yorkshire Ambulance Service Delivering on Clinical Leadership Development

Faculty of Health Studies Wins Bid to Design and Deliver Clinical Leadership Module for Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

In 2011 the Division of Service Development and Improvement won a bid to design and deliver a bespoke Clinical Leadership programme for Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust. The module was designed around the NHS Clinical Leadership Framework, but was tailored to the specific needs of the ambulance service context.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service are currently undertaking a significant transformation of clinical services, with a greater emphasis on triage, assessment and treatment at home, rather than hospital admission. The service requires clinical leaders capable of delivering this transformation and of supporting front line clinicians in changing their clinical practice. A new role of Clinical Supervisor has been introduced to lead this change.

To date 165 Clinical Supervisors have successfully completed the Clinical Leadership programme. This is seen as a key element in preparing them to lead the delivery of high quality, safe services which deliver the right care to the patient at the right place and at the right time.

The ultimate goal of the programme is to facilitate Clinical Supervisors to support service improvement. To this end each student has produced a service improvement proposal which has been presented to the Quality Board of Yorkshire Ambulance Service, with a range of these being selected for implementation. The teaching team within the Division of Service Development and Improvement are excited to see learning being applied to bring about service changes for the benefit of the patient.

The Medical Director Alison Walker comments that feedback from the course has been very positive and participants feel that the programme has been beneficial in helping them establish their new roles. The programme continues to be successful and with 2 more groups planned for the Spring, the team remain excited to be working with Yorkshire Ambulance Service.