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Service User and Carer Involvement With Students

Service User and Carer involvement provides students with an important opportunity for them to develop an insight into people's experience of receipt of services, living with a condition or being a carer. 

Interviewing Applicants

We involve Service Users and Carers in the selection process of most of our undergraduate programmes.

Together with an academic member of staff and a local clinician they are part of the interviewing panel and are fully involved in the assessment of the prospective students' performance. 

All Service Users and Carers involved in interviews complete interview training.

Sharing Experiences

The Faculty of Health Studies has a long history of inviting Service Users and Carers who have experience of receiving health or social care services to share their experiences with students.

Such discussions are immensely helpful to students. They provide a valuable opportunity to gain a rich understanding of the views and feelings of people who have been or are patients or carers. We are trying to increase the opportunities for Service Users and Carers to share their insights with students and staff. 

Sometimes, Service Users and Carers do not feel comfortable with talking directly to students and we can work with individuals to produce audio clips or video clips of their experience if that is preferred. Another alternative for them is to discuss important issues with the teaching team, who can then develop this as material to be included in a teaching session.

Assessing Skills and Knowledge

All our students are assessed at regular intervals to check how their clinical skills and their theoretical understanding are developing.

We have already involved Service Users and Carers in some aspects of clinical skills and levels of knowledge. For example, Service Users with specific conditions have collaborated with student Adult Nurses and Physiotherapists to allow the students to demonstrate certain techniques.

Mental health clients have attended seminars and provided feedback for students on their case studies of Service Users.

Occupational Therapy students have designed health promotion leaflets which Service Users have co-assessed with academic staff. 

Student Views

"Hearing it from a service user, makes all the theory we learn make sense."

"Having a chance to speak with someone with the condition is more interesting and valuable. Being able to take the information in and reflect upon it makes learning more pleasurable."

"Very much more interesting and more thought provoking than reading a text book."

"It helps me greatly to speak and work with service users. It helps put what I am learning into perspective."