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Involvement with the Local Community

The Faculty of Health Studies maintains regular contact with local NHS and social care providers. Information is shared about Service User and Carer initiatives being undertaken by a range of different organisations, and collaborative working opportunities are considered where appropriate.

The Faculty is constantly exploring new opportunities to develop networks with local organisations delivering health and social care services or those who represent Service Users and Carers.

Bradford Local Involvement Network

Local Involvement Networks or LINKs, have been established nationwide to give Service Users and Carers a stronger voice in health and social care where they live or work.  

The Bradford LINK works with local people to respond to issues relating to the planning, access and delivery of care.

LINK meetings are regularly attended by representatives from the Faculty, which provides direct contact with groups and individuals involved in local care and services.

Working with People with Dementia

A member of staff from the School of Dementia Studies recently undertook a nine month outreach project funded by Yorkshire and Humber Strategic Health Authority, which involved regular visits to a day centre run by the local Alzheimer's Society for people with early onset dementia. 

Those people attending the day centre were involved in making short films and taking photographs about their experiences, which have now been incorporated into the distance learning materials used by the Group on its part-time degree programmes for dementia practitioners. 

The approach used was participatory, enabling day centre members to take on roles of their choice including camerawork, direction, editing, interviewing and providing voice-over commentary. 

An end of project DVD was produced to illustrate the different approaches that were used.

The School of Dementia Studies has also undertaken filmed and audio-recorded consultations with the former carers of people with dementia talking about their experiences, and these too are included in the online learning resources available to students. 

Morley Street Resource Centre

Morley Street Resource Centre provides advice and support services for people with sensory deficits.

The Faculty has carried out joint work with the peer support group for the visually impaired who meet twice a week at the centre. In addition, tutors for the hearing impaired group have worked with students at the Faculty of Health Studies.

As a result of our collaborative working, the Faculty has learned a great deal about improving our ability to work with people with sensory deficits.

MS Dreams

MS Dreams is a local group which was founded by British South Asian women who have Multiple Sclerosis, as both a peer support group and a lobby group.

One of the Group's co-founders is a member of the Faculty Health and Safety Committee, who is able to provide an important perspective on disability issues. Members of the group have also worked with students in the Faculty and been involved in interviewing, curriculum development and with the Service Users and Carers Advisory Group.

For more details on the MS Dreams Group please contact Sofia Anwar via email.

Shipley Expert Patient Group

The Shipley Expert Patient Group is a local forum of approximately 30 people, who all have experience of living with Long Term Conditions.

Members of the Group have been involved in interviewing students, developing teaching material based on their experiences, contributing to the development of educational programmes delivered by the Faculty and have also been involved in the Service User and Carer Advisory Group.

For more information on the Shipley Expert Patient Group, please contact Vera Camplin via email.

Strategic Disability Partnership

The Strategic Disability Partnership is a cross Bradford and Airedale alliance of voluntary, statutory, education and business organisations, with a shared interest in the needs of people with a disability in the district.

The Partnership is an excellent forum for meeting both individuals and organisations who have knowledge and experience of a vast range of disability issues.

It holds a popular Annual Conference which explores key issues around the health, social and political impacts of living with a disability.  At the conference in September 2010, academic staff joined Service User and clinical colleagues, hosting a joint workshop exploring Service User's and Carer's experiences of accessing care in a hospital setting.