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Overview of Bradford Activities and Achievements

The University of Bradford is responsible for approving and endorsing achievements outside of a student’s programme of study that can be considered for inclusion in the HEAR.  A wide range of activities has been drawn up from across Faculties, Directorates and the Students' Union (UBU) and all must follow the University’s endorsement process.

All activities aim to assist with development of our Employability Capabilities. 

Recommendations for endorsement will be submitted to the University's Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC), which will agree which achievements to endorse.  Only LTC endorsed activities will appear on the HEAR.

June 2017 update:  Details of any eligible HEAR achievements (listed here), that have been verified by the appropriate staff members, should appear in time for 16/17 transcript release after graduation in July 2017.  

Endorsed achievements

See a list of approved achievements.