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What is the HEAR?

The HEAR is a single, comprehensive, electronic record of a learner’s achievement which is built up as you progress through your student life.

Your HEAR will include:

  • academic achievements (from your programme of study)
  • information about any programme, department or faculty prizes achieved and accredited placements undertaken
  • extra-curricular activities - such as voluntary work and various UBU or university activities and roles

All activities and achievements beyond your academic work need to meet our criteria and be endorsed by the institution.

So your final HEAR includes information about the programme you studied, your modules of study and results, any other university recognised achievements and your final degree award.  It therefore means that we can capture and acknowledge the broader student experience and the achievements of our students.

On graduation, you can share your HEAR in support of further study and job applications to evidence your credentials.

Many universities now work with their undergraduate students to develop HEARs and they are becoming increasingly important to employers as a way of understanding all of the different aspects of a student’s time at University.

National HEAR Project

The HEAR was launched in 2008 - with 18 institutions - following recommendations that universities needed to be able to provide a more comprehensive record of student achievement.

Currently, 90 universities and colleges are implementing or planning to implement the HEAR. This includes 32 institutions who have already issued 427,000 HEARs to students - and this number is increasing annually. The Higher Education Academy (HEA) provides national support for the implementation and maintenance of the HEAR.

Further information can be found on the national HEAR project website.

About Gradintelligence

Gradintelligence is the online system that Bradford students will use to generate and access their HEAR.  Bradford is one of 31 institutions working in partnership with Gradintelligence to deliver their HEARs.

Using Gradintelligence, you can access your HEAR as it develops throughout your studies and share it securely with any employer, university or other third party as a verified record of your achievements in higher education or use it in support of applications for employment and further study.

For further information see the Gradintelligence website.