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HR ServiceNow

HR ServiceNow is a self-service tool that acts as the first contact for the HR department, helping members of staff to quickly find answers to their HR-related questions. It can also be used to log a general enquiry or submit an electronic request form to the HR Service Centre.

(To update your personal details, view payroll documentation or request leave, please log these directly in the HR records system via MyView)

Key features

  • 24/7 instant access to advice and information including all HR policies, procedures, process maps, frequently asked questions and guidance documents
  • An A-Z of all key HR policies, procedures and guidance
  • Submit general enquiries to the HR Service Centre via the 'Get Help' option
  • Complete electronic request forms and submit via automated authorisation workflows
  • Track all enquiries from start to end
  • Experience improved HR response times
  • Offer quick and simple feedback to HR
  • End paper and printing costs
  • Login and get started - no training or technical skills required

myview intranet3


  1. Knowledge Base – type a couple of keywords to search all HR information including policies, procedures, process maps, frequently asked questions and guidance documents. We will keep adding to the knowledge base to ensure the answer to every enquiry is only a few clicks away.
  2. A-Z - a quick reference to key HR policies, procedures and guidance.
  3. Electronic HR Request Forms – all HR request forms (e.g. Request for Staff Appointment (RSA) form, Flexible Working Request form) must be submitted electronically via HR ServiceNow. Where applicable, these e-forms benefit from in-built authorisation workflows so they automatically make their way to the right people for approval once submitted. Validation parameters ensure that your form is completed correctly preventing unnecessary delays.
  4. Contact the HR Service Centre – if you can't find an answer in the knowledge bank submit your question to the HR Service Centre directly. We triage all enquiries submitted via HR ServiceNow within one working day, and in most cases we hope to be able to provide a full reply in this time. If your enquiry requires specialist support it will be directed to the appropriate representative.
  5. Enquiry Tracking – whether you make contact with the HR department via HR ServiceNow, phone, email or post - login to see what stage your request is at.